Tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course and collect coins before time runs out. Neverball is part puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill. The current version of Neverbal features over 140 challenging levels divided into six sets. Bonus levels can be unlocked by playing "challenge" mode. Neverball also supports mouse, keyboard, gamepad and joystick input. Please see the in-game Help screen for playing instructions. Our official forums can be found at nevercorner.net along with the Nevertable, an online "Hall Of Fame" where replays can be uploaded and shared with the community.

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Not my kind of game, sorry.

The control (via a mouse) feels quite unintuitive for me. Probably this would be a great game on a tablet!

Great game! The level design really shines.

Definitely requires some learning, but that's what is fun about it: to see one's skill improve over time.

great game

Interesting graphics and concept, but the horrible camera switching 180 degrees almost everytime you hit a wall is a real turnoff.

great game, interesting physics and nice music

Great graphics, great gameplay, smooth movement & heaps of levels but ruined for me by the camera flicking direction back and forth when you hit barriers and when you try to go backwards.

Would love to see this fixed or an option for different types of camera movement - would rate this game almost a 10 with this issue fixed.

I find the ball impossible to control with the mouse, being used to Kororinpa.. [Linux Version]

The main issue is camera. It keeps changing it's angle which is so annoying that I uninstalled the game after first level.


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