NEO Impossible Bosses is a RTS-MOBA RaidBoss rush in which players have to utilize a number of heroes to defeat the IMPOSSIBLE BOSSES! Inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod "Impossible Bosses" by Psyris, each boss is a unique challenge and has their own signature abilities.

Now for some informative screenshots with captions!


X heroes versus 1 boss on his home turf


Count Winkus unleashes his ultimate, Lightning destruction! Our heroes have to activate their shields to not take damage.


Part of the hub area, where you buy items and do other stuff..


Too many heroes to control? Pause and issue new orders when things get tough, or share the burden of controlling multiple heroes by playing with others online.


Note from the developer

Hi! I've always been a little sad that the original custom map 'Impossible Bosses' in Warcraft3 was limited to a multiplayer-only experience, hence why I started working on this game. I'm at about 60% done with the game now, and should be able to have a beta in the near future. If you've always wanted to figure out MMO-styled bosses but feared the leveling grind found in most MMO games, do vote 'YES' for NEO Impossible Bosses to be on steam!

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Tigsource Devlog

Hiveworkshop Devlog[]

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Gif update! Land destruction improvements, Reworked Extinguish ability, Demon boss work

Land destruction visual improvements

Here's a slight improvement to the land destruction debris of the Fujin's Destruction Palm ability.

User Posted Image
Before this, a hole would just appear

I had already used my Navmesh to define the triangular meshes, and then subdivide the triangles. I first defined the subdividing rules to be based on the length of an edge of the triangle. If the one of the edge's lengths is exceeded I subdivide it by adding a line from the edge's midpoint to the opposite vertex of the triangle. It's pretty trivial to handle the case for 2 or 3 edges of the triangle exceeding length, I'll leave it to you developers:)

Reworked Extinguish ability

Before I reworked this ability, the One-Eyed Mage boss would just fire off fast moving projectiles to heroes in a straight line. In this encounter, players have to keep track of a high number of things including enemy adds, circular areas, etc, hence why I decided that this ability had to be reworked to ease the amount of tracking.

User Posted Image
'Extinguish' projectiles reworked, following a new kind of pattern that doesn't stray far from the boss

The projectile pathing pattern is made using a mathematical formula called a Rhodonea curve, with random speeds. I'm still not totally satisfied with this, it still looks messy due to the random speeds. Maybe I'll remove the random speed and tweak it such that it has a dodgable aspect to it.

Ji'loch the Imprisoned boss work

User Posted Image
Demonsmash! Closing in is essential for a melee boss

User Posted Image
Demonic Seekers. Projectiles that track heroes

User Posted Image
Ultimate: Armageddon Blade

I'm very, very close to a demo build release on After that I'll be putting up a closed beta. See you around!

Update, steamworks networking, leaderboards coupled with replays and a rant on steam's callbacks!

Update, steamworks networking, leaderboards coupled with replays and a rant on steam's callbacks!


Update: GREENLIT! Steamworks networking, leaderboards coupled with replays and a rant on how steamworks does it's callbacks, plus an updated hub area

Robo Boss animations Work in Progress

Robo Boss animations Work in Progress


Robo Boss animations work in progress! And some details on how I rigged this baby..

NEO Impossible Bosses Greenlight Trailer

NEO Impossible Bosses Greenlight Trailer


NEO Impossible Bosses, a RTS-MOBA Raidboss rush game is up on Steam Greenlight! If you like taking on MMO-styled bosses without the MMO leveling grind...

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