"Nazi Zombies Portable" recreates "Nazi Zombies" game mode on the PSP.

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It's amazing what the team have done so far. Look forward to getting a multiplayer game going! ^^

awsome a few bugs still awsome!!!!

Nearly 5 years ago I was about to throw out my PSP for a few extra dollars, until I stumbled upon this game. Call of Duty? On the PSP? Didn't they blow that idea years ago?
I saw this project grow and evolve to what it is now, with multiple team members coming and leaving, a leader leave, and someone else to take his/her place.
After a few solid years of development, and then an exact year of horrifying silence. Out of the blue, 3 members came back and stated that the mod was still being worked upon. Now, we have this new, inspiring release.

Although this release is small, lacks weapons and multiple maps, It is still more than enough to show that not only a nearly 10 year old system can handle console quality gameplay, but that it only takes 3 kids and a nearly 20 year old engine to do it. NZP Demo is not only fun, but for a while, I was convinced that I was playing World At War again, not Quake. The Graphics and Sound really kick this game away, with gibing, blood, and more attention to detail that I have seen in a while. Although this game is small, it is nearly perfect,

NEARLY, perfect. This game still has a few problems that the developers could of spent five more minutes on fixing, such as some weapons being nearly impossible to acquire from the mystery box (The Ray gun in World at War is easier to get on consoles than the Trench Gun is to get in this game) Zombies attack way too fast, and their AI is still primitive.

A vast improvement that is not held back, even with these small problems, I am glad to say that we can expect AAA quality from NZP in the near future.\

Brilliant !

This game is one of the best games for a PSP - indie or not. However, no game is perfect; there are glitches, bugs, exploits, etc. With this being an indie game, it is sure to have mistakes. One good thing about this game is that it is a port for Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi Zombies. The second thing I can think of is with the development team is persevering to complete this game. I'd recommend this game to people that want an indie game for the PSP. Thank you, Nazi Zombies Portable.

This game is pretty addicting(and has lots of rage sometimes).

So you might be wondering why 9/10?

Well,you must come up with more ideas,there are loads of games like this out there,so if you want this game stuck on the top 100.Think of something cool that will fit in the game,not just guns and grenades!


When i got my PS3 and W@W,i was playing the zombie mode all the time :) This Game brings back these memories and that's why i gave this really good game a 9/10 ! :)

Fantastic! thanks :)

This is, one of the most incredible indie games, i really love Nazi Zombies, but i don't have a good PC to play it, then i discovered NZP and i don't stopped playing it :D ... Now With the new updates, this gonna be really f*ckin awesome, all we need it's wait for news and hope all the best.

a good game although it does need finishing

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