"Nazi Zombies Portable" recreates "Nazi Zombies" game mode on the PSP.

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sure,maybe nazi zombies portable isnt that high graphiced for a game...but its on psp! I mean how many people have accomplished putting shock defences on psp, thats right.NO ONE.for all of you nazi zombies lovers on other consoles who have a psp i reccomend this to u.



its pretty good need more maps beeter q

awsome a few bugs still awsome!!!!

This mod is not yet released but the media is enough to show you that there has been lots of effort put in this mod.After looking at the media I can say that just the fact that the mod can be played on the PSP I gotta admit that it is looking great.

Good job and good luck in your future updates.

This game is the bees knees. I've played both PSP and PC versions and they both absaloutely kick azz. I came across this site because of this amazing game!
When I first installed this game on my PSP about 2 years ago, I could not believe what I was seeing! It hit the nail on the head when it comes to re-creating classic COD 5 Zombie mode. Somehow, the game has been improved immensely since then. Looking at the latest version now, one would not think even the PSP could handle the explosive sounds or the eye watering graphics and detail put into this game. The endless hours I've got out of playing this game is simply off the radar. 10/10!

One of (if not) the greatest PSP Homebrew games available. Really glad to hear that this is still alive, and that the team is currently working on improving it.

I often play it on my PC, and on the road on my PSP. NZP is greatness.

So for a while, I had no actual game console, just a beat up 1997 laptop and an even more ragged psp 2000, (missing battery cover, scratched screen, wlan switch broken, wouldn't read discs but it still played music and demo games just fine.) I saw Nazi zombies come out and played it a few times with my friends, the first map was Kino der Toten. In any case, after a while, I wanted the game for myself but the old brick of a laptop wasn't anywhere near close to system specs for CoD, and couldn't get there even with maximum upgrades. So I began crusing around the web and found NZ:P for psp. I downloaded it and tried, but I had the OFW psp, and this nzp needed Cfw. Then came the age of signed games not released by a sony corp, and I snagged a copy of the 1.2 alpha. It felt sorta like WaW zombies and Blops zombies, but it seemed a little bit off. Preformance was very smooth if you were quick at keeping the local population numbers low, controls were easy and the graphics were okay, (how many games have santa zombies?) but it was a glitchy bugger. Time came and went, and riding the bus to high school was less boring with nz:p now in my possession. Then I got a newer laptop running windows XP, so I snagged the 1.1 beta pc version, and that was when NZ:P truly began to show signs of life. With pretty simple but effective AI, semi-sound logic on the guns, decent graphics and fun new levels, NZ:P went from an 'okay I'm bored,' game to an 'Hey, let's go play a round or two of nz:p on the computers.' I actually started looking forward to it. Then when I discovered basic modding and that NZ:P almost seemed to want it, I found it readily accepted custom maps AND was retard resistant, (to my advantage) when it came to building new maps from scratch. Over the years I have made a few custom maps that look awesome but fail in some way or another (most infamous being the Zelda MM Clocktown as a map, with zombies that teleport in, third area always crashes the game when a zombie spawns.) However NZ:P failed to call me stupid and instead did it's best to run with it. Now that the source code has been released and an awesome redone zombies demo which has an almost identical feel to the original World At War zombies, this game deserves nothing less than a 10/10 for effort AND results. (Best part is the better graphics yet somehow managing to yank out an average 24 fps, whereas previously it had been 16.)
Good job BLS for NZ:P, I eagerly anticipate a full release, and challenge you to start working on Ghosts Extinction Portable.

Nearly 5 years ago I was about to throw out my PSP for a few extra dollars, until I stumbled upon this game. Call of Duty? On the PSP? Didn't they blow that idea years ago?
I saw this project grow and evolve to what it is now, with multiple team members coming and leaving, a leader leave, and someone else to take his/her place.
After a few solid years of development, and then an exact year of horrifying silence. Out of the blue, 3 members came back and stated that the mod was still being worked upon. Now, we have this new, inspiring release.

Although this release is small, lacks weapons and multiple maps, It is still more than enough to show that not only a nearly 10 year old system can handle console quality gameplay, but that it only takes 3 kids and a nearly 20 year old engine to do it. NZP Demo is not only fun, but for a while, I was convinced that I was playing World At War again, not Quake. The Graphics and Sound really kick this game away, with gibing, blood, and more attention to detail that I have seen in a while. Although this game is small, it is nearly perfect,

NEARLY, perfect. This game still has a few problems that the developers could of spent five more minutes on fixing, such as some weapons being nearly impossible to acquire from the mystery box (The Ray gun in World at War is easier to get on consoles than the Trench Gun is to get in this game) Zombies attack way too fast, and their AI is still primitive.

A vast improvement that is not held back, even with these small problems, I am glad to say that we can expect AAA quality from NZP in the near future.\

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