"Nazi Zombies Portable" recreates "Nazi Zombies" game mode on the PSP.

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luv it

i realy want to play the 1.1 version of the beta.
10/10 zombies
10/10 weapons
10/10 graphics
best graphics for hombrewe ever

10/10 gameplay

it shold be higher but hope it can be used with ofw

It's amazing what the team have done so far. Look forward to getting a multiplayer game going! ^^


One of the greatest Homebrew game for the PSP and for all Windows machines! I call this, art. 10/10/ 'nuff said

A Handheld Nazi zombies on PSP? That is what i`ve always wanted!
Its Free anyway no need to spend 1$ Keep working in this awesome project and im sure treyarch will be amaze '_'d

i downloaded the game and is like the original version of zombies in waw :)is very good

The game is good, really good. I enjoyed it alot. Trying out all the different weapons and machines was fun all in itself. Opening the Doors and getting money for killing zombies was cool too. I have never Played Nazi Zombies on COD, so I don't know the similarities.

There were a few bad things as well, like when you got to wave 4, It was hard to kill Zombies. They would hide and you couldn't find them. Kind of sad too, because I am curious to see what other weapons and How long I could last.

All in all, I can't wait for the next Alpha. Some new graphics changing, some Ram being saved, and bugs being fixed, and you got yourself a Nice Homebrew. Even in this alpha/buggy stage, this game is a MUST to download. Don't hesitate at all.


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