Nazi Zombies: PortableNazi Zombies: Portable

Nazi Zombies Portable aims to recreate the Nazi Zombies experience from CoD: WaW into the Quake engine, making it playable on the Hand-Held PlayStation Portable Console (Does not require Custom Firmware ) and can be easily played on just about ANY computer out there (Even Windows 98!). For those who don't know what Nazi Zombies is about.... Nazi Zombies is a gamemode in Call of Duty: World at War.
Nazi Zombies consists of up to four people (PSP Version does not support multiplayer right now) in survival against endless hordes and waves of "Nazi Zombies". Each wave the rounds get harder and harder, and you get points for barricading walls and killing zombies. You use the points to buy guns or you can spend them on the mystery box where you get a random gun in return. NZ:P will feature downloadable map-packs (don't worry they're free). We are constantly working very hard on this mod, so check us out at our forums.

more info here in nzpwiki:

Alpha has been released to the public, since Christmas 2010.

Beta 1.1 Was Released In May 29th 2012. We have restarted the project. No current ETA.

Nazi Zombies: Portable PC, PSP game

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Livestreaming Achievement menu Happy Birthday, NZ:P!
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37 comments by Jukki on Sep 15th, 2013

It was exactly one year since we last posted a picture here. After that thing have quieted down. The constant "We are not dead" claims have raised a question of doubt. Are we actually dead. Now after one year of silence. You get the answer.

No. We are not dead. We are alive and kicking!

I (jukki) have been very lazy and selfish during this year. I let the team down and almost killed it. I was leading a decently sized clan in dayz and dived in to it too much. Now my clan is disbanded and I have found more time for nzp. I decided to try again. During the year I had gained bit more knowledge on scripting and coding (thanks to arma 2). I have realized the mistakes we had done in past (man our code and models were messy). I believe with this knowledge and by the help of other psp member such as mabose and ghost we can finish what we starter (and maybe even more). But enough words. I am sure everyone is eager to see what has happened during these few days.

Most of our early focus has been on getting clean plate in front of us. We have new engine for psp (DarkQuake). Thanks to some of its features we can bring more optimization to the the game (dxt1 compression for example). We are doing code wise mostly from scratch. Reason being our old code was resource hungry, buggy and hacky in most places. We are not rushing in features, but instead going slowly through everything, making sure as we go that we don't eat too much of what we have. One important thing we decided to do too, is that we have no active PC development version yet. All of our work is done on PSP emulator. This way we can focus on what is truly our main platform. (Do not worry thought. PC version will also be release.)

Here are our new stuff. Our focus has been on lightweight simplicity but not ugliness. One good example of our optimization is our new menu. Instead of using images to draw the menu, we use basic strings. This save memory, and makes navigating menus more fluid, thanks to its no need to load any images.

Here is "press start" when you launch game. I aim for more userfriendly ui and feel like instead of a console, player is first granter by this:

After that player will get to main menu:

Simple but effective, and does not look bad at all (keep in mind we will have menu background, right now it is just black for time beeing)

Single player menu will lead to simple map selection screen:

Player can choose to play either one of our maps, or any map that is in his maps folder (Custom Maps).

Here is the custom maps menu. The map list scales perfectly and has will have a scroll menu if user has more maps in his maps folder:

The map menus will later get description text and preview pic (support for custom maps too ;) )

Loading screen is also making return. It will now also have tips (which change) on top, loading bars (can be disabled) and of course the loading image:

And here is a screenshots of ingame in wahnsinn. As you can see, tom has put bit more work in it.

As you can see our hud has also been given a small make up. Numbers from pictures have been removed and been replaced by strings. Giving us again slightly less ram usage. Some things to also see in these pics. Point system and weapon systems are currently 90 % finished ingame. We only have 3 weapon in at the moment, but I will be adding rest of the weapons later. You can also notice that crosshair now moves when you move around, and also will expand when you shoot. This is not just visual effect but also affects your weapons spread. firing in full auto now has recoil and makes your gun less accurate. iron sights will tighten the spread noticeably and make your gun a lot more accurate. Also thanks to darkquake we have particle effects, gun smoke and bullet holes (these don't work properly in the emulator but do work 100% in actual psp, that is the reason for the black boxes).

That is it for this this update. We are not letting it die, and we will deliver you what we promised. A release of nzp. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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NZ:P MAC Beta 1.1

NZ:P MAC Beta 1.1

May 3, 2012 Demo 85 comments

This new updated release adds jam-packed features to ensure that you'll be playing nzp for centuries to come! New features include... -Pack a Punch- Upgrade...

NZ:P PC Beta  1.1

NZ:P PC Beta 1.1

May 29, 2011 Full Version 180 comments

This new updated release adds jam-packed features to ensure that you'll be playing nzp for centuries to come! New features include... -Pack a Punch- Upgrade...

NZ:P PSP Beta 1.1

NZ:P PSP Beta 1.1

May 29, 2011 Full Version 225 comments

This new updated release adds jam-packed features to ensure that you'll be playing nzp for centuries to come! New features include... -Pack a Punch- Upgrade...

NZ:P Mapping Starter Kit

NZ:P Mapping Starter Kit

May 25, 2011 Mapping Tool 45 comments

Small RAR that includes everything you need to start mapping. NOTE: No Manuals Included. You should be familiar with these things if you want to map...

NZ:P Beta 1.0 PC Version

NZ:P Beta 1.0 PC Version

May 15, 2011 Full Version 96 comments

This is the official NZ:P Beta! We have been working long and hard on this, all for you guys, working hour after hour, day after day... We've put our...

NZ:P Beta 1.0 PSP Version

NZ:P Beta 1.0 PSP Version

May 15, 2011 Full Version 215 comments

This is the official NZ:P Beta! We have been working long and hard on this, all for you guys, working hour after hour, day after day... We've put our...

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ScatterBox Nov 26 2014, 2:55pm says:

Honestly, at least the engine source should have been publicly available a long time ago. It's required in the GPL that the engine that they're using is under.

Hopefully if there IS a next release they will abide by the license agreement of the engine and actually release the source so the fans can work on it while they're away or whatever they're doing.

I'm saying this because I realize that not everyone can afford a good PC (took me almost three years to save up to build mine) so as a good long time fan of the game I believe it needs an active modding community to keep it alive, as does most good games. (TES series, Quake, ect)

+2 votes     reply to comment
SuperNovae6 Nov 26 2014, 7:45pm replied:

But that was supposed to be done before 1.1.probably 1.0. Im assuming this is why the team nearly disbanded itself a while ago. someone released a leaked version,i dont remember them giving out source information though.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ScatterBox Nov 27 2014, 10:45am replied:

I did manage to get my hands on the QuakeC code a while back... (The game logic code. It was 1.1 so all of the AI and stuff was done in QuakeC back then) unfortunately after I got my new PC I forgot to transfer the source to my new hard drive so it's lost. I didnt think I would need it though since I managed to find it a little before they "quick revived" the game.

It's a shame. I'll try to see if I can find the source again. If I can then I'd be happy to pick up where they left off in the 1.1 beta. Although it wouldn't have all of the fancy features they have now. And I'm primarily working on one other project at the moment. If anyone would be up for it I'd be happy to teach them all of my QuakeC knowledge in my free time.

Of course this is all if I actually manage to get the QuakeC source again.

0 votes     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 26 2014, 7:15pm replied:


0 votes     reply to comment
SuperNovae6 Nov 21 2014, 5:49pm says:

I have a choice either to rant about imminent release and get downvotes and get argued with,or i could be patient,or im gonna leave.

Leaving is hard cause i get constantly reminded of those screenshots of nzp and how close to finished it is. Being Patient just is an uncomfortable and angry feeling i get from THIS game.

So im going have to stick with ranting continuously until it is either dead or it comes out.

0 votes     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 25 2014, 9:05pm replied:

You are just one of the examples of the fanboys that exert an obscene amount of dedication toward a couple of minors that try to develop a game from home. I'm going to inform you that there are other option besides the dead PSP system.
1) Get a gaming laptop; most low-end gaming laptops can easily run COD WAW Custom Zombies maxed out at 1080p 60FPS.
2) Get an Nvidia Shield; COD BO2 can be streamed to the Shield from anywhere with low latency and the Shield can run emulators including PSP.
3) Build a small form factor gaming PC or just a gaming PC; With the current technology, any low-end PC can run games at 1080p 60FPS.

-3 votes     reply to comment
dr_mabuse1981 Nov 26 2014, 7:59am replied:

you forgot 4)
just fack off and go home.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 26 2014, 7:08pm replied:

Most of the people here in the comment section is at home.

0 votes     reply to comment
SuperNovae6 Nov 25 2014, 11:03pm replied:

Minors? really? thats quite mean.

I dont even have a GAMING laptop,i have Waw for pc(Cracked version).Cracked versions of games dont do you much.

But my older brother is borrowing my laptop.while he took my laptop and played ps2 emulated games over his house,i was supposed to be optimizing his laptop so he can do the same.

Point is, i dont have much,and nzp is all ive got.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 26 2014, 7:07pm replied:

Do you want WAW (Steam Version), I'll be happy to send the extra copy to gift you it through Steam. When you do get your laptop back or save up for a PC.

$430 PC

0 votes     reply to comment
SuperNovae6 Nov 28 2014, 12:52pm replied:

oh im getting it back in 2 weeks,but thankyou if you will send your real Waw version. it was a pain trying to join servers after i had to press a certain button.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Nov 25 2014, 9:07pm replied:

How many times do I have to tell you-
There is a reason why people want this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 26 2014, 7:05pm replied:

False. A PC can be as cheap as you want if you build it. This PC can easily run BF4 at 720p or 1080p, COD WAW and Black OPs 2 at maxed settings 1080p 60FPS. Not to mention any custom built rig will be much faster than the ones you find in a store.


$430 mATX Rig

+1 vote     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Nov 26 2014, 9:02pm replied:

Plus the $250 for the Shield, The $100 for the ACTUAL NVIDIA GRAPHICS CARD (Shield wont connect to the PC without it!) $20 for WaW, $40 for BO1, $50 for BO2 (If they cant afford a gaming PC, they don't have those games for the PC) Plus a good bandwidth to SUPPORT THE STREAMING. 50-100 DOLLARS.
That leaves you with the possible price range of-
Small form Factor- $1060 OR $1010
MATX Rig- $990 OR $910

And don't you ******* DARE SAY THAT IS CHEAP, YOU RICH TWAT.
ONCE AGAIN, People want this because they CANNOT ******* AFFORD ALL OF THIS ****.


+2 votes     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 26 2014, 9:53pm replied:

False, The Shield is an extra option if you want streaming, if you just want more Zombies than you can get by with the $430 PC + Shield Tablet $200 + WaW =$665

World at War is $15 at this moment and you don't need BO2 or BO1 when you have World at War Custom Zombies, you can always wait for a Steam Sale which would drop the price to $5.

Streaming requires a minimum of 802.11n router which is over a decade old.

I'm also not spoiled, I started with a $500 PC that took me a few years to save up and upgraded every 1-2 years or so.

0 votes     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Nov 26 2014, 10:39pm replied:

Dude, people want NZP for PORTABLE REASONS.

They probably already have it for their xbox/wii/PS3, not for portable stuff.
Why the **** do you think its called NAZI ZOMBIES PORTABLE?

+2 votes     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 26 2014, 11:13pm replied:

Get a Shield for $200 and stream it for $665 or wait for COD WAW to be on Nvidia's GRID service so you can stream WAW to your Shield or use your Shield to run the official COD Zombies game.
NZ:P is pretty much a lost cause at this moment since the developers have no time on their hands to develop the game. Leave the developers alone, they have lives.

0 votes     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Nov 27 2014, 7:19am replied:

You are an idiot, you have not listened to a single thing that we have said.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MFS_Kiryu Nov 27 2014, 2:00pm replied:

Did I say that you couldn't? Did I say you were poor? I'm a college student and it took me years to save up for a PC.
"We" You're the one, clearly getting extremely tense.
I said you have other options, I'm not going to call you an idiot. I'm more mature than that. If you can't afford it, get a part-time job or start saving up.

0 votes     reply to comment
Guest Nov 27 2014, 5:13pm replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

MFS_Kiryu Nov 27 2014, 5:32pm replied:

And I responded why you shouldn't want it. I'll recap it, the developers don't have the time to develop the game and they have lives. They're most likely still in school. Leave the developers alone and find something else other than the PSP.

0 votes     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Nov 28 2014, 6:13pm replied:

Sometimes, its best to leave to yourself.

+2 votes     reply to comment
SeniorMeatbox Nov 21 2014, 7:04pm replied:

Here is a hint-
Dont rant unless you have something to bring up that makes sense-
(Like my animations comment, I guess)

+2 votes     reply to comment
SuperNovae6 Nov 22 2014, 10:38am replied:

i understood what u said in your animations comment :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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3 years ago, i was playing Call of duty world at war. i remember it so clearly. Natch der untoten was the map, yes it was. so i was sitting with my ps3 controller in my hand on some ridiculous round thinking to my self. "wouldn't this be awesome if this was on the go?" so then i searched for nazi zombies for psp, yet at that time there was no such of an idea of it. i grew depressed. - _ - i was clouded in despair. But you the nzp team gave me hope again that i will still be able to slay zombies…

Dec 25 2010, 12:19pm by fudrucker5

Lowest Rated (3 agree) 1/10

the nzp dosent make any good job

Jun 1 2011, 5:55pm by MitcheIIS

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