Naruto: Naiteki Kensei is a free stand alone game that offers a unique fast-paced experience based on the hit Japanese anime Naruto. Players are able to compete online using a system that combines aspects of a third-person shooter and an action-based fighter to provide a new thrilling experience. The system includes casting clever and powerful Jutsus, stringing together Melee combos, evasive acrobatic free-form Movement, and utilizing an array of Weapons with multiple functions all seamlessly.

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This mod is just amazing , the graphics and animations are superb for the half life 1 engine. Being a big naruto fan , and seeing this, made me really excited to play. I played it with friends for 2 days and we would have played it for longer but due to the stop of development , there wasn't allot to try out and explore after a while. But just the fact that we played it for 2 days when it only has 4 characters and each only having 3 jutsus , is amazing.
I really hope the team comes back to this mod to further develop it. It has so much potential , it's just unbelievable.


good game, but lots of bugs too, just 3 charchers

Very good mod. Especially if you're into Naruto. One thing that could be improved (in my opinion) is the size of the maps. Very good detail in the moves you can do that are true to the series.

And that´s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!

The graphics suck,there could be a on HL2..


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hehe its the best


i like naruto why not

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