Lamecraft, developed by Drakon, is aiming to create the Indie Hit Minecraft on to the PSP.

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LameCraft is best game for PSP. It is game like MineCraft but on PSP. If you want to create mod you CAN!

Boring, and only creative mode. world caverns dominate the entire world and mining has no point.

Lamecraft is more like the less superior minecraft from maybe BETA or something.

Lamecraft: For the creative mode freak: Grade 8

s4inex: Adds some of the features of minecraft such as doors,halfblocks. Grade: 8.5

Lamecraft Redstone MOd: Probably the closest you could get to minecraft on psp. With crafting and a couple bugs still the best Lamecraft MOd i've ever seen
Grade: 9.25

Lunacraft:JUMPING IN SPACE!!!!

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great copy of minecraft but slow progress after recoding


Lame clone of Minecraft. Nothing uniqe and original. Looks almost the same


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