MTBFreerideVR, with support Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra soon. Stay tuned!

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Great game ! I can't wait to see the future updates and some multiplayer functions.
You guys should put it on kickstarter, i'm sure you could make some money to help you create a full game : )

Very cool, but, uh... controls are a bit wonky and escape closes the hwole game, instead of just pausing, and that was a bit irritating at first.

Absolutely one of a kind. I'm totally waiting for Oculus Rift and multiplayer. Must be really fun!

Amazing! So realistic and fun to play. Sounds works great, and makes gameworld like fresh air from real-life nature. Also game mechanics are made nicely, expect bit of bugs.

more maps

Très bon jeux mais malheureusement il n'y a que 1 seul terrain.. :/

Man this game is so awesome and I can't wait until its fully released because it will be insane, haha. Anyway, because its in beta it does have its bugs and the map is limited which is why its only a 9, but that is to expected anyway but, Congratulations on making one of my favorite PC games of all time and I hope you continue your awesome work in the future.

great game , very diffrant to other games , lovely graphics

Great game. It was really fun to play and I can't wait for more updates. The only issues I was having is staying on the bike. I can't wait for more content like multiplayer and perhaps some tracks to race on.

this game is great! just some minor things that annoy me but otherwise very good!

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