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It is a small game, but still AMAZING for what it is! This game is fun for playing once in a while!


theultimatemongoose says

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its amazing so suck my balls


This game is absolutely incredible, even in such a raw form. The physics are unforgiving and ridiculously fun, creating a challenging but rewarding mountain biking simulator. This game is already great, I can only see it getting better.

I have no dad

Best first person bike game ever!

great work

as somebody who used to do downhill riding alot till i messed my knees up really bad this is the best game i have ever played. 10 out of 10 very great game

Amazing! So realistic and fun to play. Sounds works great, and makes gameworld like fresh air from real-life nature. Also game mechanics are made nicely, expect bit of bugs.

Great, but the physics could use work.

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