Minion Master is a genre-busting game that combines elements of tabletop games, real-time and turn based strategy games, and collectible card games. The game brings together the moment-to-moment tactics of collectible card games with the long-term strategy of miniature war gaming. Players battle with armies of figurines on a hex-based board. Minions are summoned and controlled using a custom built deck of cards. Minion Master boasts 6 player versus multiplayer (with co-op on the way), a Deck Builder, Level Editor, and a constantly expanding universe of Minions to control. Inspired by physical RPG board and card games while simultaneously adding in elements that are only possible in a virtual world, Minion Master is available for pre-order on PC.

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10 AznBanjoPlaya

Nov 12th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

This game is awesome, I can't wait until it gets out of beta and we can play with more people! I love RTS and tactics games, and I was a huge Magic the Gathering nerd... so this is perfect for me.

AnTi90d says
3 AnTi90d

Jun 19th, 2014

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VarosTyr says
8 VarosTyr

May 1st, 2013

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Pilzhirn says
2 Pilzhirn

Mar 2nd, 2013

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tompatulpan says
8 tompatulpan

Jan 27th, 2013

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uniqueindie says
8 uniqueindie

Jan 1st, 2013

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Dec 17th, 2012

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BurianMedia says
5 BurianMedia

Dec 10th, 2012

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EJunker says
9 EJunker

Dec 5th, 2012

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RagingKoopatroopa says
4 RagingKoopatroopa

Nov 17th, 2012

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