Welcome to Mini Tank Battles. Mini Tank Battles is a comic styled multiplayer oriented 3rd person shooter/ tower defense crossover. The current state of the game is an early alpha. Please watch the video to see some shots from the game.

The main gameplay is a fast paced 3rd person shooter with tower defense to support you in the battlefield. With 4 game modes and 4 classes to choose from. By leveling up, spending skillpoints and getting better gear you are able to overcome bigger challenges.

Registration is optional and will give you certain benefits ingame like storage of your inventory. Registered and non-registered players won't be able to play in each others games. Feel free to ask questions and do suggestions.

Please try the game at: Minitankbattles.com

Crowdfunding & Steam Greenlight Concepts

Mini Tank Battles needs your support to be able to be completed!

Mini tank battles has now started a crowdfunding project and Steam Greenlight Concepts. Please support at:

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Better Models & Textures

Model screenshots

A few of the old ugly placeholder models have been replaced with newer models. The models and their textures reflect the new style of the game. The comicbook style will be maintained, however it will get more serious and darker (a bit like the style borderlands). I hope you like the new style. Do note that the current level of details is still at the low-end. This will form the basis for Android and iOS. PC,Mac,Linux will have much better graphics. However this can only be done by a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • The new flamethrower cannon model is completed and almost completely textured.
  • The new tesla cannon model is almost completed and it has some placeholder textures.
  • The tank hull model is almost completed and it has some placeholder textures.
  • The cannon (dual and single) have a new (Temporary) placeholder model to better reflect the style of where the game is going.
  • The scrapmetal armor model is almost completed and it has some placeholder textures.

Model screenshots


The first test version for android has been made. The game works completely but needs optimization for the mobile devices. When the crowdfunding campaing succeeds, the development for android can continue.

Model screenshots


Networking has been improved and will continue to be improved over time. You can help by testing this and report any (performance) issues.

Model screenshots

Greenlight (Concepts) & IndieGoGo

Mini Tank Battle scan now be found on Steam Greenligh t(Concepts) and IndieGoGo! Since the game is getting bigger, we need your help to make this game happen. It is most likely that the game cannot be completed without a successful crowdfunding campaign (due to the cost of licenses, servers and more). If the crowdfunding campaign fails, you get your money back (details can be found at IndieGoGo). So either way, the campaign works, you get the perks reflecting your donation and the game can be released near 2013Q4 / 2014Q1, or you get your money back. Please support the game if you can.

So please help to make this happen via:


The Mini Tank Battles Website is all fresh and updated. Valuable information about the game and the development can be there. Let us know what you think: Minitankbattles.com

Update Journal: Leveling, new Level, statpoints, items, mobs, bugfixes, music.

Update Journal: Leveling, new Level, statpoints, items, mobs, bugfixes, music.

News 0 comments

This update holds a big part of the game: The levelling mechanics. Another big thing is the new map you can play if you are level 4 or above. From now...

Update Journal: Repair, Graphics, performance, playability

Update Journal: Repair, Graphics, performance, playability

News 1 comment

This update is focussed at various things. One of these is the much requested repair for Turrets features. Player versus Player updates for balance and...

Update Journal: Upgrades Menu and Fixes

Update Journal: Upgrades Menu and Fixes

News 2 comments

This update holds an upgrade menu for Team Versus Team and COOP as well as fixes. You can the health of the players, turrets an mobs as well as the damage...

Update Journal: Team Versus Team Update

Update Journal: Team Versus Team Update

News 0 comments

The Team versus Team update allows you to settle your tank battle tower defense mayhem with your team, against another. Besides the Team versus Team...

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Next New To Do Things

New Tank Knowns

Laser Tank:Shoots Laser Beam Like A Tesla/Volt Tank
Drone:Like A Basic Tank Now Shoot Laser Gun

New Weapon Knowns

Laser Beam:Focuses Single Target
Laser Gun :Like A Laser Beam Shoots Laser Energy Gun At Higher Shoot Rate

Features Knowns

Options To Go To Lobby After Game Ends

Show Damage When You Shoot Mob And Bosses

Dropped Weapons And Weapon's Color Should Be Glow

New Maps - Factory (Should Be Added)

Add Power Ups Can Boost Players In The Game (Power Ups Can Be Dropped By Enemy On Contant)

Bug Knowns

After Server Message "Player X Has Died' After Cant Move Enemy Tank When Kill Player

When Build Tower His Player's Tank Stuck Flying Up When Click Build A Tower

Displayed Flame Cannon's Wrong Text (Not A Flame Cannon!) Shell Replaced By Flame Thrower's Text

When Game Ends These Is No Back To Lobby Button When Player Refersh The Game

End Of Message

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Gobla Creator

Hey Backdraft_3.5,

As you may have noticed, some of the points you address have been solved/added in the latest update.

Here are some comments about things that weren't in the update:

The laser (beam) tank you describe is going to be part of the missile launcher class. This is a slow shooting weapon with lots of damage. The normal Laser gun should become a part of the Engineer class. Another weapon is going to be the machine gun. This will most likely be part of the Engineer and Buggy classes.

There are no plans at the moment for the Drone, but these will be in consideration.

Some experiments have been done with showing damage with the hits. This however makes the screen pretty chaotic. There is going to be more experimentation before there is decided if they will be used.

There currently is a glow under the dropped item. Is it not rendering properly? If so, could you please make a screenshot?

There is an industrial map in the making. This has some factory like elements.

At this point there aren't going to be droppable powerups. However there is going to be talent tree and skillpoint system to tune your class further. At the moment it is also that some gear has impact on your character (e.g. certain armor gives you more health).

Some of the points that are currently not planned could change.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Always feel free to suggest more or ask questions.


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PVP Working Again Please Speed Up Process!

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So Gobla Please Add Twin Cannon I Seen Twin Cannon Tank Shooting Me

To Do Things

Mobs And Boss Needs Be Added

Repair Tank = Health Other Enemy Cant Heal Repair Tanks
Kamikaze = Self Destruct Tanks And Towers Even HQ Small Damage On Contant
Mortar Tank = Shoots Mortar With Long Range


Wall Destroyer = This Boss Destroys Towers Through Even Through HQ
Combat Plane = The Flying Plane Does Not Kamikaze Like A Dogfight Shooting

Towers And Weapon To Be Added

Tesla Tower = Short Range Tower Can Damage Multi Tanks At Time

Repait Kit = Heal The Tank Within Range
Mortar = Shoot A Mortar From Distance

Modes To Be Added

PVP = Free For All Get Most Kills To Wins

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Gobla Creator

Hey Backdraft_3.5. Regarding your comment:

The next first mob for the planning is going to be a Kamikaze vehicle.

The twin cannon mount was already added, but it never dropped due to a bug. With the next update the twin cannon will properly drop.

The Repair tank & Mortar tank are named the "Engineer" and "Missile Launcher". On the player side these two will become playable classes. Another playable class will be the "Buggy/Humvee". The class and character systems are being worked on now.

The current boss will self destruct near the base with great damage. However the self destruct range is still a bit too big in contrast to the slowing down of the boss when it nears your base. Have you already had your base destroyed by the boss?

There are no plans for combat planes. However the missile class will most likely get the option to summon an airstrike.

The next two towers to be added are the Tesla Cannon Tower and the Flamethrower Tower.

The weapons you describe are going to be parts of the new classes. The Repair Kit is going to be an ability of the Engineer. The mortar of the Missile Launcher.

PVP has 2 modes in planning.
Arena mode: Just you and the other players. No mobs.
Conflict mode: Two bases with two groups of players. Here you can buy mobs to send to the other base and build turrets to protect your own. The goal is to destroy the enemy base.

Hope this clears up a bit.
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. These are always very welcome.


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Hi Gobla Please Add Options To Back To Lobby When You Seen Omg You Re Winner Or HQ Destroyed Game Over Thats Appear Back To Lobby Button

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Gobla Creator

Hey Backdraft_3.5. This will be done with the next update which should be later on tonight (GTM timezone). Or tomorrow (same timezone).

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