Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Mojang AB.

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Great game, it has come a long way since alpha!

At first, looks like a simple, poorly made game.
Then when you play it you start finding out about stuff and learn about crafting and then you make a cozy house & sh.t.
Best played on easy or higher. Because there will be monsters outside and you will be anxious inside your house & ****
After a while you wont even notice how you will expand your house and it will turn from cozy house to huge mansion with mining shaft.

Exploring caves is getting scarier, cave noises made me sh.t bricks when I heard them without knowing about them but thats a long story.

After finding obsidian blocks, you can make portal to the nether dimension where you will **** bricks too, from these weirdass sounds.

Survival mode is superior compared to creative. Creative is like playing with cheats. In survival it takes time to chop down blocks. It's like break blocks > craft tools > break more blocks > etc.
Oh and also you can't know building recipes without looking them up in the internet.
Years have passes and Mojang doesn't care about this.
But still creative mode is pretty fun. It allows you to build anything you can imagine.

And by the way, Notch is laziest f..king dev I have seen in a long while. And what I hate even more is that most minecraft fanboys are annoying 6 year olds who treat Notch like some god, not seeing all the mistakes he makes.

-Many Blocks
-Not enough Blocks

9 of 10

Simply badass concept.

A great sandbox game in which you are truly free. It has a lot of features, vast worlds and challenging enemy's. Though combat isn't the best part of this game, which would be building and adventuring! There are only a few cons, of which the most important is that there are a few annoying bugs which occur sometimes, but luckily only rarely.

Awesome game..can play that game whole day long :D

i build ships in this

Minecraft is a unique game in that it can both be amazingly addictive and boring. I can see why some people hate it.

First things first, and what truly disgusts me with most people, are the rages about the GRAPHICS.
Graphics do not determine if a game is good or not. Some games, like Minecraft, choose to go for a different visual style than others. Some just have ****** graphics.
Minecrafts' graphics are unique in that they're easily moddable. Texture packs, new items and blocks can easily be added by practically anybody.

I can also see why most people hate the gameplay:
Those tend to be players that do not have a great imagination. You're not supposed to imagine the game has great graphics, but have a creative mind allowing you to model the world to your likes and desires. Without a creative and imaginative mind, you won't get much out of a game like this, and are probably better off on any of the stereotypical FPS's.
I, myself, have had many times where I just couldn't think of anything to do and have left the game to gather 'virtual' dust for several months; though I enjoy coming back to it with a fresh mind and building some truly amazing things.

It's true; Minecraft does get really boring after a while. That's why the community is massive and has released an armada of mods, texture packs and maps over the years. I don't know what I'd be doing with the game without any mods like Feed The Beast or any other ones.

Put simply, Minecraft is the perfect game for a creative mind needing a canvas on which to release itself.
Minecraft isn't a 'game'. It's a sandbox in which to let your creations become reality.

A very addictive game. Has a lot of potential. But needs servers with more options and more user friendly plugin system.

We've set up a server and have been playing MC for almost two months now, and it's been great fun. Everyone has their own mods and projects running, so there's always something different to see when we log in. From the perpetual burning forests of pork chops to the floating pyramids, it's been good fun and we look forward to future iterations!

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