Metal Dead is an old school, comedy/horror point and click adventure game packed with everyone's favorite undead creatures, zombies! This twisted tale centers on two metal-heads in the midst of a zombie invasion. After crashing their car in front of a medical research facility, they become trapped and are forced to use their wits to puzzle their way to freedom. Along the way, they must deal with a cast of characters who range from mildly deranged to completely insane. Features include: - Over 40 interactive rooms - 17 unique, quirky characters - 13 Achievements - Built-in hint system - Fully orchestrated midi soundtrack - Extensive novel-length script packed with comedy goodness Nominated by Adventure Gamers for "Best Writing - Comedy" and "Best Independent Adventure Game" for 2011!

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I really enjoyed this game. It had a great story. The plot was funny and it was very original. When you use a theme like zombie apocalypse, there are a lot of things that are overused, but this game added some new and original twists. The gameplay was a solid point and click, and I only found one instance where I got stuck and had to get help. Things worked in a logical manner and it seemed like all the text for each item was unque to each item. I look forward to more games like this! \m/(>_<)\m/

Brilliant game, very funny and the puzzles are thought provoking but not impossible. A little short but considering the price it's really good value.

Great old school point and click adventure with lots of quirky humour. Buy it!


Es gibt viele Gründe dieses Spiel zu lieben. Hier sind einige ohne besondere Ordnung:
- Zombies
- Dialoge zum tot(!) lachen
- verrückte Charaktere
- starke Musik
- geiler Zeichenstil
- Explosionen
- nette Geschichte

...was mich ein wenig gestört hat war das es keine Sprachausgabe gab und das Spiel ziemlich kurz war... nichts desto trotz ein sehr gutes Game.

An extremely charming and well written adventure game that plays like if Guybrush was dropped into the universe of a darker adventure game. Highly recommended.

Great game, reminds me of Zombie Cow's Ben There, Dan That /Time Gentlemen, Please - same style of humor but slightly less nonsensical and with slightly better graphics & animation.

And this is one of the few adventure games where the puzzles and solutions actually make sense!

Can't wait for their next game :)

Short, but great, adventure game. I had a blast all the way through. The characters are well written and the dialogue is funny. Surprisingly, the game also features an achievement system! I didn't unlock all the achievements the first time though so this might be one of the few adventure games that I'll play though again.

seriously good adventure game here. thats about it, buy it, its cheap..

Great job guys! This game is a lot of fun :)


Had a lot of fun out of this little game.
If you love to laugh and zombies, try this!

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