Men of War: Vietnam is a new game in the critically acclaimed series. Two new, story-driven campaigns let you taste the explosive mix of the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in early 1968.

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Big and sad letdown. 10 generic S&D and defend the base missions in the same setting. Use of infantry "hero" soldiers. Almost no tanks nor anykind of heavy equipment on any missions. The worst in Men of War games. Should have never been released.

Could've been better. Singleplayer would been better if you can play like regular army,not like special forces. And Hueys could've been better if they streched them a bit and add M60s, and U.S soldiers were a little bad.C'mon 1C seriously modders make better stuff than you!

Not a bad game, but its coding definitions were from the very first version of original MoW, some problems were that C4 detonates just like a dynamite with no beep sound, and missing vehicle engine sounds (known by coding) were still staying in the game, outdated interface design, etc.

-----Graphics: 7.5/10----- (improved graphics - +0.5, outdated and low-quality models - -1)
-----Gameplay-----: 9/10
-----Sound quality-----: 9/10
-----Sound design-----: 9.75/10
-----Overall-----: 5/10 (outdated coding definitions and no definitions fix - -3)

I love the game when it comes to the units and vehicles. However i do not like how Majority of the game is nearly in stealth mode or single squad, I wish they would of added more of a Assault Squad feel to the game. Medics were not featured in this game which was also a disappointment. The last thing is helicopters, I love them The UH-1 Huey's are my favorite helicopters of all time. They sadly are missing side door gunners, also there flying animation looks extremely fake. I wish they would of given helicopters similar characteristics as helicopters have in World in Conflict or Joint Task Force (a older RTS Game that was really good but lacks mod ability). Other than that the game was good, I can only hope the mods are better!

monotone, not have multiplayer, editor and mods


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