Men of War: Vietnam is a new game in the critically acclaimed series. Two new, story-driven campaigns let you taste the explosive mix of the jungle, Hueys and rock-n-roll in early 1968.

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Kastrenzo says

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AWFUL, a massive dissapointment, $35 for a singleplayer only game that's content isnt compatible with either MOW game. I'll give a good review when they get off their ***

Fasley advertises as having multiplayer, when it only has a few co op missions, and even then you have to pay $5 extra for them since they are DLC.

The units and weaposn are a huge improvement from the last game, detail wise, but just when you get the idea of making a big battle with hundreds of NVA Charging a US Base and checking out all the new stuff in the editor.. you're in for some bad news

It does not have the mission editor which was one of the things that made the franchise so popular. And you can't even import the content like you did with Red tide unless you want to spend 5 hours picking out the individual vietnam files from the recycled Men of War files, Seriously, there are still German Stalhelm files in the Vietnam game, What the **** is this ****?

the missions are lackluster, 2 campaigns and the first mission has an extrmley high learning curve. IE Difficult.

This game is a debacle, a ******* insult to Men of War, Good job 1C , you ****** up good this time. I have half a mind never to buy a product from you again. What a ******* joke

This game does not deserve a ******* penny. Not until the Developers get off their *** and add all the missing features.

Severley broken, garbage, rubbish, trash, ****.

1C Has released the Editor and Mod support for MOW:Vietnam, but to me this is too little too late. Seriously? a core part of the game comes months late?, they've lost my trust and lost me as a Customer. Leave it to Best Way and DMS. Go away 1C

What i like:
it is a challenge like every MoW game

What i don't like:
only coop
the AI is still idiot

Summary:It could be better.Thanks god i didn't purchased it.

They released a editor, I'm happy now

Was sooo excited for this! Until I found out...
*No mods
*No maps(custom)
*No VC vs US maps
Thus I am disappoint

Big and sad letdown. 10 generic S&D and defend the base missions in the same setting. Use of infantry "hero" soldiers. Almost no tanks nor anykind of heavy equipment on any missions. The worst in Men of War games. Should have never been released.

it was ok but lack of several things like a map editor and mod support made me play it alot less

This game is great. I just completed first campaing 15 minutes ago. The only problem is that this game does not have Gem editor, and does not support mods.

The challenge of Men of War is definitely here, but on a new and beautiful new setting! The Vietnam War is a setting rarely seen these days and this game breaks the tedium of those modern and WW2 games.

- Unique setting
- Good graphics
- Good physics engine
- Somewhat realistic combat
- Mission editor
- Helicopters

- Hard
- Unrealistic mission scenarios
- Dead multiplayer
- Little developer support
- Requires heavy micromanagement

Men of War Vietnam is a piece of garbage the 1C Company has ruined the great franchise with this piece of ****. This game was a major disappointment and it also was for everyone that bought editor, no mod support, nothing is good with this !

Thank god i didn't get this load of ******* **** !

Great game! I love the Vietnam Era, and i must admit, i was beginning to get tired of WW2.

The game was quite dissappointing from release, but now that it has a functional Editor and Mod Support, and other bugfixes, i love it.

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