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Joystick Controls bug. (Games : Megabyte Punch : Forum : Errors/bugs : Joystick Controls bug.) Locked
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Jul 30 2012 Anchor

Sorry my post on your wall was confusing, I realize I even made a mistake. As I realized I made a mistake I hoped there was no bug, yet there still is :(
On this screen, Joystick 1 only has options to enter Ability Select Right and Ability Select Up. Joystick 2 is in the same boat. However, Joystick 4 can only enter Up and Down special abilities, yet not left or right.

Aug 1 2012 Anchor

Hello DEVi4NT,

Thank you for pointing this out. It should say 'Ability Select Horizontal' and 'Ability Select Vertical'. The ability selection on joysticks uses axis, meaning it can go from positive to negative (unlike a button, that is just pressed or not pressed). Meaning right is also left, and up is also down. So using for example, a XBox 360 controller, you can set it to the four directions of the D-pad or the second thumbstick.

In case of joystick 4, that's a typo (Down is probably Right). The framedrop however, does bother me... You said it happened when having duplicate entries? Which ones?

I hope this isn't too confusing, we'll be sure to address this in the next update :)

Aug 2 2012 Anchor

The framerate dip might have been because at the time of trying to figure the controls out, I had forgotten to lower my graphics a notch. I haven't played since I posted this, but assume its fixed, unless I return with a problem.
thanks for clarifying that for me!

It was indeed my stupidity that caused all this problem, no need to fret :dead:
damn. that was silly.

anyways, to append this. If you could allow me to assign the special ability select to the right joystick, the fights would go much more smoothly as I select on the fly instead of stopping everything. also, changing my ability during the middle of using the ability to follow up quickly with a combo would further the smoothness moreso. thanks guys! love the game, will be buying it for my little brother (he has lots of friends :D )

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