A beat 'em up/platforming/fighting game hybrid with an electro style. You can smack guys, attach their parts and get their abilities!

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May 16 2013 Anchor

1. Will multiplayer/versus mode be expanded before the release? The single player campaign's pretty cool, but the multiplayer is where's it's at IMO. I really miss the option to fight against/with bots in 2v2, 1v2 or 4 player free for all matches.

2. Are you planning to add more parts? I'd really like to see more parts, like:
- Teleport hips/shoulders
- Drill hips/shoulders
- Plus 1 jump shoulders
- Spinkick shoulders, maybe?
- More machine gun parts, there's only 1 at the moment. Maybe a machine gun torso?
- Legendary parts
- MOAR abilities! (But these cost more time to implement, I assume.)

3. Could more large/solid/big legs be added to the parts selection? I feel almost all legs are so... tiny. Most bots with large torso's look rather silly with those tiny legs. The only legs that are truly 'big' enough to not make big bots look silly are the awesome neomoog legs. (And the RAM leg, which I just discovered)

4. Approx how many more updates are you planning to release before you consider the game to be ready for release?

5. Will there be a 'final version' soundtrack available for purchase? (I've already bought the beta version soundtrack.)

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May 17 2013 Anchor

1. We will definitely work on the versus mode before the release, can't guarantee that you can fight alongside bots but we will definitely polish the mode further.

2. There will be 150 parts in total, so yes we will add a few more parts. Maybe switch around some abilities on parts to have some variation. We will also add more abilities!

3. Did you check the new Zylin legs? They are pretty big as well! And the legs from Scarb are pretty solid as well.

4. Only the updates in closed Beta, but quite a lot will be added! Be sure to sign up for it! Docs.google.com

5. Yes but I think it will be free for people who already purchased the beta soundtrack! :)

May 18 2013 Anchor

I hope the versus mode will have better/harder AI :)
I checked out the zylin legs, but they kind of look like sticks with armor plates welded in front of them. :p And you're right, the kheprion/scarb legs are pretty solid, and they've got my second favorite passive on them. (Movement speed.)
Just signed up for the closed beta, thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for answering my questions Tim!

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