McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion. The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools! You have only 20 seconds to save the day! Think quick!

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Sep 10th, 2012 2 people agree 0 people don't

funny, creative. funny scenes getting into the game, gameplay is quite smooth and the cutscene skipping is fun. eventually would quickly reach the point where i just wanted to move on with the game, but I also wanted to 100% everything because I was curious what would happen. the bonus stages are very mysterious. i think my time spent with mcpixel was mostly enjoyable, but I would quickly grow tired with randomly clicking and watching what would happen. I didn't really feel satisfied after finishing, but it wasn't because it's a bad game, nor because it exploits addictive techniques like certain games on the internet. It was more of an interactive gag reel of sorts. WHICH ISN'T BAD. Just not...I don't know. yeah.

It is worth your time to see if you like it. That is for sure. and the dev seems like a cool guy.

it's a game that I might come back to if I have nothing else to play and am curious what happens next.

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Nov 11th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

It's Macgruber. God damnit. Get it now!

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Aug 29th, 2015

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Jan 25th, 2014

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Oct 23rd, 2013

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Sep 11th, 2013

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Aug 16th, 2013

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Jan 27th, 2013

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Oct 9th, 2012

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Sep 18th, 2012

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