Set in São Paulo, Brazil, where Payne is working in the private security sector for a wealthy local family, set eight years after the events of the second game.

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Excellent game. The story and the characters are not nearly as tightly written as the previous two games, but for coming from a completely different developer, it is still an amazing experience. Easily the best third-person shooter I have ever played gameplay wise. Great gameplay, amazing visuals, it's all up to Rockstar's par of quality. Unfortunately, Max Payne fans generally do not like this game because of the difference in tone, and Rockstar fans generally do not like this because it's not open world. I'm fortunately a great fan of both and can appreciate the effort Rockstar took to take homage to the original games while still making it their own project. That is absolutely the best way to explain this game; it's a Max Payne game, but it is Rockstar's Max Payne.

+Gameplay. Bullet time seems to run out quicker forcing you to use the cover system in many instances. Some may think its not as run-and-gun but I found it made you think more tactically, choosing when to use what kind tactic. Using cover and picking enemies off, jumping out guns blazing or dodging and shooting if you can take out the last few. The damage on enemies makes them respond realistically, and I also like the melee attacks and how Max holds his secondary weapon in his left hand, also I appreciate separating the shoot dodge and roll (eventhough its awkward trying to go into cover after rolling).

+The Showdown mechanic, where a shot that would have killed you instead drains out all your bullet time to go slow motion giving you a chance to kill the enemy before you die. If you kill him your saved. It feels odd to rely on this to avoid death. However it ends up turning into a clumsy attempt at trying to cover the issue of headshots killing you, so you end up relying on the Showdown mechanic to much.

+- A change that some may appreciate and many probably won't, is the limit to 2 dual wielding weapons and 1 secondary (two-handed gun). I never like limiting weapon use but given that the game is taking a more realistic route I don't mind so much mainly because dual wielding is what its all about.

+Visuals, the city is beautiful, physics and destruction to the things you shoot at. Its not noir anymore, and the comic book style cutscenes have been replaced with these discoloured or zoomed in shots in regular cutscenes, with occasional popouts of words said kinda of like everything has happened already and Max is only seeing fragments of memories. I liked it but I think it was overused a bit.

-Headshots kill you
-Very few guns
-Shoot Dodge uses to much bullet time.

-Max's Character, hes all brooding, nihilistic old bastard. He spends almost all of his dialogue complaining, self hatred & seems to have a death wish. While it does seem like Max as a character with no one he cares about left alive, seems like a natural evolution, what made the series work before was not just his cynicism and metaphors, it was the fact he was a good guy underneath all that.. having something to fight for.

Nihilists on the other hand are self absorbed (which I'm alright with) but they also complain alot. We hate having to listen them go on, unless its something they keep inside of themselves.
Not just that, but alot of people can't relate to the whole drinking problem thing. What exacerbates the problem is we never get to see him try and see the lighter side of things. It make sense to me that after losing everyone he cares about and killing so many, he would no longer be able to live like a normal person but theres not even a single moment where he enjoys himself. We need a silver lining at the end of it all to make it worth caring about all the strife he goes through.

A change of scenery, a new pair of bad guys, but it just seems like hes doomed to repeat history. Never being able to be normal again, and no one left alive that can slap some sense into him to set his priorities straight. The exception of Bravura, but him and Max weren't exactly in the best of terms.

-The only reason why I enjoyed the game is because of the gameplay, and whatever connection I had to the protagonist was because of what I knew of him from previous games & the voice actors attempt to add personality to a otherwise bland story & characters.

-Max's looks. If they thought Max is your every man that the look could appeal to, they chose the wrong game and he doesn't really look like Bruce Willis yet they gave him that look half way into the game.
Max speaks in metaphors and is way to cynical to be your average man.

If you go into the game not expecting a Max Payne sequel, I see it as a continuation of Max's life, different developer starting a new story (and not a very good one), then you might enjoy it if you don't mind the negatives.


Excellent game with more variation in the scenarios and a lot more violent, i just wish there were more new jersey levels or flashbacks of the previous games levels, but is still fine.

I have to say, this game is really fun, it has great graphics, gruesome and fast-paced gameplay... It's a very good game all in all.

But then, why didn't you give it a ten!?

Because it seems to bave been made for people who have no idea what Max Payne means: they practically ruined the original idea, they ruined the character, they ruined the story, and they are giving people the wrong concept of what Max Payne is and means. I most probably may have given it a ten if it was a new game, and not Max Payne.

You're WRONG! Max Payne 3 rulz lololol

This is what I'm talking about. When you ask people about the game, they don't think of the first or second games, hell no. They only think of the third one, because that's the one the Rockstar made and put on their faces saying 'This is Max Payne'.
I've seen a lot of reviews talk about Max Payne 3 as awesome o great or whatever, but they only take the graphics and the bullet holes into account. They don't care about the story or the character or whatever has come before. Almost no one seems to have remembered the original Max when Rockstar's version came out, and that's kind of indignating. I have proof that this is true: a lot of my friends have bought Max 3 but when it came to the originals they had no idea what you were talking about. Rockstar has basically killed what it was all about.

Rant off, I'm done.

Maybe The Best of Max Payne

Well, this is an awesome game, let me just say that off the bat. It has wonderful visuals, great story, smooth gameplay as always, and the slo-mo diving and shooting has never felt better with the new Euphoria engine. And for once in a long time, it feels like it was made for PC, it isn't a ****** console port, it runs just fine on my high-end PC, which I couldn't say the same for about GTA IV. The Campaign may have been a bit short, but it makes up for it with it's expansive multiplayer, which isn't just a gimmick, it works, and it works well. It's tons of fun to dive out windows and shoot your friends in the face, and social club is actually helpful for gathering up friends and getting them in-game. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because the modding capabilities of the previous games are gone, and that is something I would have like to see. Don't believe the critics, this game holds up to, and even surpasses the other games on most levels.

The plot is Max has to protect a bunch of rich folks in São Paulo Brazil.

Spoilers: tsom fo meht eid

Didn’t care much for the characters.
Rodrigo Branco is a likeable guy. Then you have his gold-digging wife Fabiana. His politician brother Victor and other brother Marcelo a spoiled partier. And Giovanna who is Fabianna’s sister "the good sister". She is kinda likeable also.

The gunplay is fun and satisfying for the most part.
But it is also flawed. I have a hard time seeing the tiny crosshair which is just a white dot.
The cover system sucks. Best to crouch behind objects than to attach to walls.

There is an overuse of cutscenes that cant be skipped until the game is done loading apparently. The game tries very hard to be a movie. Whats worst you can pause the cutscenes. Yeah i just love cutscenes you cant skip but you can pause. Plus you cant quit the game until the cutscene is over.

What sucks even more is that Max has a habit of switching back to your one-handed weapon each time, and also likes to charge into dangerous situations. So imagine having only 8 bullets and Max charges in a gunfight like an idiot instead of letting the player strategically decide how and when to engage.

It also gets pretty annoying with the constant wave of enemies.
There is a cycle that repeats. Cutscene, action, walking, cutscene, action, walking.

A cool thing are the collectibles. You can collect "clues" in the game and Max will narrate something.

You can also collect pieces of gold weapons which will turn a weapon golden.
So you'd think the game encourages exploration right? Wrong. The game is on a time limit. If you stop for too long you can get a mission failed. What ********.

There is a twist in the end. But its nothing amazing or surprising. It just deals with corruption.

The most important component to make the game work I think was making gameplay both modern and classic, and they made a great mix. Graphics is obviously even beyond expectations. Music's appropriately stylish and definitely not annoying. Weapons are OK, but I missed some loud guns like Jackhammer or M79. Minigun is always cool too, but maybe it would make things less realistic though. I think, the game is at least as good as first 2 parts, dynamic and overall enjoyable.


Insanely good game that i fell right into. Music sets you in the right mood - you can feel when Max is angry, sad or hopeless. It is a great continuation of the series and a great closure of the trilogy



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Excellent game. The story and the characters are not nearly as tightly written as the previous two games, but for coming from a completely different developer, it is still an amazing experience. Easily the best third-person shooter I have ever played gameplay wise. Great gameplay, amazing visuals, it's all up to Rockstar's par of quality. Unfortunately, Max Payne fans generally do not like this game because of the difference in tone, and Rockstar fans generally do not like this because it's not…

Jun 23 2013 by DrDean