The day was calm, Mario and Luigi were finished helping Peach that day when they arrived back at Professor E. Gadd's Laboratory. The place was an absolute mess! The floor was cluttered with books that were thrown around and forgotten about, and 3-4 chalkboards covered the labs walls, all scribbled with the professors gibbity-hib-hob. Mario AND Luigi couldn't figure out what it meant, even putting both their heads together. The strange thing about the situation was the professor was no where to be found. Mario and Luigi ventured upstairs, where the doom laid before there eyes. Bowser, Mario & Luigi's arch enemy with Professor E. Gadd, caged. Bowser bellowed in laughter. "I've done it again!" and he bellowed once again. The time machine behind Bowser and the Professor began to light up and spark. Mario and Luigi knew exactly what was going on. Bowser made the run for it, bringing the professor with him, his head clanging against the cage. He squealed to Mario and Luigi's assistance, "He

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Thank you, IndieDB!

Thank you, IndieDB!

Apr 7, 2013 0 comments

Thank you for accepting us on IndieDB! Heres a few links that will send you to our other social pages and things. Be sure to check us out!

Mario & Luigi: Blast from the Past Online
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Released Oct 20, 2013
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