Welcome to March of War, the online turn-based strategy game. Your actions will shape the world! Be one of the first players to participate in a whole new way of developing and playing games. Experience a new kind of turn-based-strategy game: intense, fast-paced action with vividly rendered 3D battles in a dieselpunk influenced 1940 world. In March of War you battle for world domination.

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Master.Assassin says

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Good game really


Color-Copycat says

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As of latest build, this game is buggy, unbalanced, unoptimized, underpopulated, and generally unfit for release. I cannot believe ISOTX went from producing top notch content like Mideast Crisis 2 and Iron Grip: Warlord and Sky Corsair to churning out a piece of **** like March of War.


DreadGrimReaper says

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