Manic Digger is an open-source implementation of block-building games as made famous by Minecraft. Manic Digger aims to be a generic platform ontop of which you can create your own game-types and scenerios. Through server-side scripting, any type of block-building game should be possible.

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Not bad, Could be better, but, Not bad.

Judt tried this, its really quite good but needs some work still, I had to register to let you know- thank you i will follow!

After spending some time both playing and developing this game I have to say I'm kinda addicted :)
Recently there's been a lot of changes both in gameplay as well as in graphics. Unfortunately these aren't officially released yet (have a look at the forum).
I recommend this game for everyone looking for a block-building game that's free and not resource-hungry. The game can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac (using Mono).
It's definitely worth a try.


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