A little robot who’s been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save his robot-girl friend.

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Much like continuous series of dreams, next night takes you to the same world, but further. Eventually I turn it on just to hear the soundtrack. I was waiting for it, and when it came, I showed it to all my friends, still do that now.

graphisme et histoire originaux.

A beautiful game atmosphere. Good puzzles with attention for details. Congratz to the developpers...

I admit it. When stumped, I used a walkthrough. However, point and click adventures are the one genre I've been known to play for story. Machinarium isn't overly deep, but it offers a charming tale told through lovely ascetics and animated thought/speech bubbles. The latter is the game's main draw and a feature I hope to become more common.

This games was VERY FUN, it didn't crash for me on windows 7 64-bit and + they need to make add-ons, but over all really fun

Great game, great soundtrack, a pleasant moment to spend with this point and click (and use your brain) game!


A real masterpiece in all regards: sound, visual style, and gameplay


Adventure games are my favourite genre and I have to say Machinarium is one of my very favourite I've ever played (i.e. ever since early 90's!).

It is a brilliant, challenging and at the same time simple in its context game with no voices or text. Love it!

I only withdrew a point because it's written in Flash.

Simply the best point-and-click adventure game I have ever played. A huge step froward from Samorost2.

Just wish it would be longer or have a sequential soon.

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