A little robot who’s been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save his robot-girl friend.

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Small good game

An excellent adventure game with a lot of personality. The expressions on the different robots and the daydreams of the main character add a really nice touch. Try the demo and if you like it then you'll love the full version.

A perfect little point and click adventure. Great music, great art design, fun and not too hard puzzles, just an all around great game.


Machinarium is an Indie Point and click adventure game. With many Point and Click games there are loads of puzzles. At the beginning you have no idea what the plot is but it builds up over time and when you finally get to understand the plot and what happened, you were near the end. Great game and a good play.

+Pros / -Cons

- too short (3.5 hours for me)
- too easy puzzles
- waiting for the end of the animation is getting on your nerves shortly
- a lot of unnecessary animations (not the funny ones)
- it's hard to get the inventory (a major bug)
- can't get back to main menu for starting a new game.

+ good graphics (I really liked them)
+ oldschool mini games (Yes!!!)
+ and they are implemented good
+ audio experience is good too

To sum all this, if I didn't buy this with the Humble Indie Bundle then I was pretty ****** right now and I would demand my money back... With the other games in the HIB package and known the amount I payed I really not complain.


Extremely polished, with puzzles that make you think, not use items in random places, Machinarium is one of the best point-and-clicks I've played in a long time.

My favourite of all point and click games, truely wonderful puzzels, amazing artwork and a glorious sound track. And to top it off, a touching story with well defined charaters.

One of the best i games i have played this year! I rate this game 10/10 because it has great artwork and great sounds and soundtracks!!!
a trully refreshing point&click adventure!

This game reminded me of old games that I played on my first PC!

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