Fight against increasingly difficult waves of Progeny attackers. Experience a variety of unique weaponry, upgrades and combinations that will result in a different gaming experience each time you play. Do you have what it takes to survive the relentless wrath of the Progeny? Discover, upgrade, unlock, activate and .... survive. Key Features: Free updates and downloadable content. Achievements and ingame rewards. Extremely optimised performance. Dozens of unique weaponry and upgrades from exploding shotguns to disintegrating lasers. Unique variety of enemy Progeny Ai, suicide bombers to electrocuting giants. Unlockable areas, weapons, levels and equipment. Custom soundtracks - composition by Jerel Northern. Hidden in-game easter eggs. Local high-score leaderboards. Five individual difficulty settings.

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just like C.O.D. Zombie MOD ;)

Looks like a beta game, 3 maps, just 1 gamemode.
But the unlocks and the other was not bad.

because cheese


10/10 for effort considering its a one man team.

5/10 for an average uninspired result.

Great survival game. It only needs more maps and a story mode.

8/10. Graphics are functional and I appreciate that, so no negative there. No negatives really anywhere except a few things need to be fine tuned. Placeable turrets, have larger numbers of weaker enemies, and more definitive labeling of weapons. If something is a semi-auto rifle, call it that. If it's a shotgun, have shotgun in the name. If something is an assault rifle, at least have an AR in it's name.

Besides those few things I enjoy this game much. But the one thing that would take this to the next level is co-op. Yes, this will be a lot of work for networking especially for a one-man team. But this game would become a PC sensation with co-op, almost any game with a PVE cooperative mode becomes better the moment it is added.


Extremely well done game - in the top of indie games for me. So fun and edge of your seat trying to survive waves of enemies. Controls feel fantastic.

i played it a while ago when it had 2 maps and like not many enemie vaarients...i dont know what its like now, but it got boring quickly.

This game is coming along awesomely. Yes that is not a word, but I used it anyway. Congrats.

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