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Liandres rose and eradicate all living biological species. However, unable to meet their energy needs, they must now conduct a fratricidal war in all the world to try to survive despite the inevitable outcome: death ...

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This so called "game" doesn't even deserve the review I gave it! This is just "game" built from UT3 assets, which are included in the UDK. This is just perposterous!

1 player model, only basic udk weps and new maps. How is this mod

This is junk. The "developer" just took the base UDK assets, added a few poorly made maps, and called it a game. There are no new models, textures, music nothing. The only way this defers from the Unreal tournament demo is a new splash screen(that he didn't make) and a few really bad maps.

A complete wast of download time, hard drive space and bandwith.


Epicnesss, awesomeeessss and so realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!11oneone


me no like u or ur stupid 'game'


This is just cheating and I hate cheaters. I would give it a zero if i can. And this giving yourself a 10/10 is just a strawberry on the top of the cake.


when i first played the game i just fallen in love with it.


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