Immersive first-person parkour in a surreal, physics-driven voxel world. Every move can modify the environment. Surfaces pop in and out of existence at will.

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Quick update this time, following up on all the great feedback from the alpha.

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Thanks so much to everyone who made the alpha a great success! I'm blown away that people were able to look past the bugs and crashes and clunky controls and somehow get a positive experience out of it! It gives me hope and motivation to press on.I got a ton of very useful feedback. Here's a quick summary of what I learned:

  • The atmosphere and tone is cool and unique.
  • The text-message-driven story works pretty well.
  • Everyone immediately says "Mirror's Edge + Minecraft"... but then realize they're okay with that! :)
  • The physics is kinda buggy.
  • Mouse inversion, gamma settings, and vsync toggling are a must.
  • The controls are unnecessarily complex. Too many keys.
  • Buggy physics. Player gets stuck in the environment a lot. Large objects occasionally start floating around on their own. Swimming doesn't really work at all.
  • Combat is weak. You left-click once and hope that kills the enemy before it kills you.
  • It's rather disconcerting being able to look down your own nose. Also, everyone thinks the player model is a female when in fact it's a male with big pecs. Yikes.
  • Oh yes, there's lots of physics bugs.
  • The tutorials are sometimes easy to miss, and the game expects you to have a move fully mastered immediately after learning it.
  • Handling publicity and responding to feedback is a lot more work than I originally thought! And hosting large downloads on "pay for what you use" web hosts is a baaad idea. Good problems to have though. :)

I've already set to work fixing a lot of these issues, especially with the controls and physics. My number one priority is getting the player animation and movement perfect, which is a pretty long way from where we are now. I tentatively fixed the "seeing down your own nose" issue. But look what I had to do:

Freaking creepy, amirite? But this way facial features don't show up in first-person view, and the shadows still look okay.Could make for an interesting creepy NPC maybe. Who knows.Also someone on Reddit I think asked about the possibility of a third-person view. I don't think it will make it into the final cut, but I got a quick demo working. Here's what it looks like:

Notice I switched to a female model since everyone thought that's what it was anyway. The animations look pretty rough in third person, but then again, Mirror's Edge looks like this in third person.Just a quick update this time. Been thinking about creating little development videos similar to Wolfire's. Would anyone be interested in seeing that?


Glad to see the list you put together and can't wait for the next Alpha, though one thing does get me, third person is cool and all, I really like having that option, but with the way the game is designed, the map, it really wouldn't work because of the confined spaces such as the test screenshot you posted above, I think it would complicate the game, but if you find a way to nicely implement it and have a toggle for it, then it think that would be best as it would please both sides. Maybe an over the shoulder camera.

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