Legionwood is a traditional console style role playing game (RPG) reminiscent of the classics of yesteryear. It features a lengthy, 20+ hour long quest to play through, with an epic story of love, war and revenge. You take control of Lann Northwise, an otherwise ordinary young man, who is thrust onto the world stage after he is implicated in the assassination of his king during a public address. Now it's up to you to clear Lann's name and bring the real culprit to justice. Along the way, you'll complete dozens of interlinking side quests, fight hundreds of challenging, intelligent foes, and devise your very own battle strategy with a character customization system that does away with traditional character classes and lets you play your characters however you want to by directly adjusting their stats and combat abilities. Times are dark. War threatens to engulf the world. The realm of Legionwood needs a hero - will it be you?

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Even though I haven't played RPG games in a while, I have to say this is one of the best ones I've played so far! The plot is great so far, and the option to name your characters is cool! Great music, and the game also revives the old RPG genre. Overral, a great game! Good job!, once again, you did well!

such a great game.. and u can even reset the AP anytime u want to create a different role of characters.. oh and u can say I do abuse that a lot.. thanks for such a great game!! xx

ps: i can use a walkhthrough though =P

Legionwood is a great Old School RPG Game.
The story is great and even after dozens of hours of playing it is still fun.
The game is non commercial so of course you have to expect some bugs.
Also the balancing concerning the fights is not perfect. Whereas I had no problems defeating bigger foes it was the small ones that annoyed the hell out of me. The story triggers are not yet all in order. It happened that I triggered an event (going to the capital) and suddenly Ark was with me eventhough I had not freed him.
But this is all small stuff considering that this game is for free, and just great to play.

Nice to see an old style traditional RPG which has a storyline rather than aimless battles. The skill aquiring system leaves something to be desired though. I always found training elements or skill trees t advance and learn moves was a better way to do it rather than buying skills. But overall a good RPG

This game I must say is one of the best I've played in a long time, in my opinion it holds its own against classic RPG's such as the early Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games and is more impressive in the sense that it is free the story is great (so far from what I've played) and the gameplay follows the classic 2D-RPG fantastically but at the same time is unique in its own way. I don't really have any complaints from what I've played so far and doubt that I will as I continue because of the high standard it sets the music is good, the story is good, the gameplay is good, the cutscenes are good, and the level designs are good. It can be a little bit tedious at times but no more than any Final Fantasy games and where would the fun be without the level grinding??? haha. Anyway the game is really awesome and I hope that the second one will be just as good or better this is truly a 10/10 game and good luck with the future.

Only just started playing it but it seems to be such a great game, I am aready becomming addicted I can feel it hehe such an awesome game

very, very god game 10/10 ;-)

Very good !!

This is A great game for a Free game and well this game is yet another reason I love indie games, Good music, fun game play, interesting story and fun to have.

Would give it a 10 but im new and can only give 8 :( but i love these type of games. The fact its free is a bonus to ;) (but i would of bought it tho)

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