The fragile balance of Nosgoth is in danger. Disputes within the Circle of Nine, the guardians of the Pillars of Nosgoth, have caused strife across the land. Ariel, the Guardian of Balance, has given a young vampire, Kain, the opportunity to save his own soul and free Nosgoth from its fate. Kain alone must face the other Guardians in order to heal the land and remove his vampiric curse.

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Level Designers located Redwood City CA, USA.

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Crystal Dynamics is seeking outstanding Level Designers who have a passion for creating high quality AAA games and have strength and experience in both level layout and scripting. The ideal Puzzle Level Designer will have expertise in crafting challenging and innovative action-adventure style puzzles and gameplay that make sense within the context of the level and the overall narrative of the project. This Level Designer should be able to script in proprietary visual-based scripting languages, craft levels with engaging and meaningful puzzles, and have a great understanding of how to show story progression through mechanics/gameplay. This is a chance to expand upon the well-received and successful reboot of Tomb Raider, creating engaging gameplay through clever level design challenges.

Essential Duties:

• Creating levels and puzzles that are unique, grounded and engaging in a 3rd person action adventure title.
• Generate game documentation and 2D paper designs for both puzzles and levels, including level layout and puzzle blueprint documentation.
• Design and iterate on level and puzzle layout in 3D, working closely with various disciplines, leads and other designers to make sure gameplay, epic moments and narrative elements are harmonious with the overall project vision.
• Create levels and puzzles utilizing various tools including physics, scripting, animation and object creation.
• Create stellar puzzle designs and effectively communicate their intentions to key stakeholders.
• Implement level design and puzzle design changes from play testing data from both in and out of house data.

Essential Requirements, Competencies, Skills & Knowledge:

• 2+ years of professional AAA Level Design experience - please observe that we require industry experience for this position as this is not an entry level position. At this time, educational experience only is not a qualifier.
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a game development program or similar
• Must have experience shipping a full-length console product, AAA/high profile game development experience a plus
• Excellent knowledge of and experience with 3D Modeling Software (preferably Maya)
• Experience working with commercial and proprietary development tools and visual-based scripting languages
• Great working knowledge of game design theory and game development methodologies
• Experience with physics systems and utilization in a puzzle environment a plus
• A deep passion and enthusiasm for making and playing action/adventure games, and a good understanding of the competitive landscape in the console world

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Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen
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