This co-operative action horror FPS takes you and your friends through the cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive campaigns. You'll play as one of four new survivors armed with a wide and devastating array of classic and upgraded weapons. In addition to firearms, you'll also get a chance to take out some aggression on infected with a variety of carnage-creating melee weapons, from chainsaws to axes and even the deadly frying pan.

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Left4Dead2 didnt need to exist, it should have been an addon to Left4Dead.

L4d2 is a very fun game. Especially online with friends.

An infinite amount of zombies to kill but you've got the tools to take care of them.

Your friends are there to help you through just stick together and you might just survive.

The bots are competent, they watch your back, you can count on them.

Interesting special infected. However i feel like they could have added more specials.
While playing through a farm level i thought of how cool it would be if there was a zombie cow.

My favorite zombie apocalypse game.

Realy, Valve, why you're forgot about original game? LFD2 more casual and less atmospheric. Although, you'd ported L4D`s campaigns to sequel, but this is just not fair and irrational.
Still, this is a good coop-shooter with more numerous weapons and monster's... But arsenal and enemies are not enough to make game the best.

muito bom

The fact that they made L4D2 a bit later after the first L4D isn't a good sign. Seems like the creators were purposing leaving things out in the first version to make some money in the second. I did not really like the characters in L4D2. In addition, the super infected in L4D2 seemed very childish compared to the ones in L4D.

A sequel to the biggest zombie game following, it was a tall order to build upon. As with Valve, they pulled an admirable job with the motto of "Add more", but in the end, cost the community and cut some edges along the way.

Controls are very much in line with Source engine games where the basic controls, The controls are customizable, though custom vocals are not accessible, as well as cheats like in the first game.

Graphics are a step up from before, even if it's all for the name of guts and gore. It's very over the top and viseral in the sense of blood all over your screen if you use a melee weapon. However, there will be oddities of animations (incapped, crouching, idle) and taking shortcuts that remind that the game was made along with the console version (smaller field of vision, missing legs). While most players won't notice it with all the action going on, it will come up during game play, a reminder of the less than one year development period. The sound department is still very much upper class.

Gameplay is very much the same as L4D1, but with "more". Endless events, alternative finales, and addition of more weapons changed the feel of the game to something along the lines of the Zombieland movie. While it is still a great social game, there have been some magic that were lost in transition in the sequel. I mean, in Dark Carnival, it rather pulls out of the immersion when a small town population pops out from behind a pillar in Map 4 in the run to the saferoom. Hitboxes are still a big issue with the game. This game will cater to those who hunger for gore and a great time with friends or even public players (though the fair warning that it is still a "dog eat dog" world on the internet in terms of teamwork and progress.) In all, still a fabulous co-op game that will hook players for hours on end, but in my opinion, just lacks that polish and frantic appeal that the original brought to the table for all players to enjoy.

Going to start this off with a "Back in my day!" kind of approach.

The main goal of zombies used to be to survive and aim for the head... But in L4D2 you can kill them just as fast by blowing their foot off! It's a good game... but to me (as a zombie critic) I say that they (Valve) just made what they were good at: A first person shooter, (and added enemies that look like zombies.)

They should have added more of a "destructible body" too(like their goal was)... - They made it so you can cut limbs off for a nice amount of gore, or blow a piece out of their stomach... but when I shoot a zombie I want it to be realistic. - I want its head to blow to pieces in all directions and see chunks of flesh missing when i shoot them with a shotgun (and see them shambling towards me with no legs)... I know... I'm sick. xD But it's how zombies should work.

I'd recommend the game to anyone that likes zombie themed games, though... - It's pretty good (and the price is better now that it's not $50 (PC) and $60 / 360 or PS3...) so it might be worth a try... But it got old fast.

The story mode was very well written, but it didn't make me "wow" as much as as I expected to. They made it sound like it was going to be L4D but ten times better, and to be honest it was maybe .5x better because of some new guns and zombie types.

Overall I would give the game an 8/10 though... Despite its design issues and crappy take on the zombie genre. The sound quality is good, the graphics are nice, and the characters all have a unique personality (I have to admit, though. - The zombies do look good... They just need to act more "zombie"...). - In my personal opinion, though... If you took L4D1, added a few maps, guns, and characters, and sent it back out to the public to take as much cash from your loyal customers as you can - that's Left 4 Dead 2 in a nutshell.

8/10. - Good... But not great (and by far, too.)


Funny, but sometimes a little bit too brutal...then it makes not so much fun anymore...
Lustig, aber ein bischen zu brutal...dann macht es nicht mehr so viel SpaƟ...

I like the ambience in most of the maps, the new weapons (specially melee, because are practical), the new special infected (that Spitter can be a pain in the ***) and some musics, despite of being unfitting in some parts. Every other feature is just like Left 4 Dead: not very co-op strategies, several bugs and glitches that screw the gameplay although they have to be forced, it becames boring once all campaign are completed, an AI Director that makes a dinamic gameplay and a lame history behind those characters.


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