Abstract shooter with adaptive difficulty and metaphorical explosions. Fixed length game session. Score points. Increase difficulty. Split shots. Leave Home... Designed to be a score attack game that is compelling in multiple sessions, randomised and altered according to how well you play. Shooting/destroying enemies and collecting blue chips increases your anger, reflected in the transformation of the player ship. The higher your anger the more you will score and the more difficult the game will become. You can die an infinite amount of times in Leave Home. Death will not end the game, instead your anger level is reduced and you must wait a few seconds to respawn. The short length of the game is intended, differences between replays can be parsed according to style and competence.

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Beautiful retro-style shmup. Great polish.


It's an interesting idea to have infinite lives and limited short game and you're trying to beat your score, and I do like the graphical style of the game but I don't think there's enough content in there to justify the cost, given the other good shooters that are out there. It was a fun addition to the Indie Royale bundle though.


It's a cute game, but it would benefit from things like:

- More stages, or at least different ones tossed in now and then in rotation.

- More soundtracks for a more enhanced experience.

- The ability t alter the graphic settings for computers that have lower graphic cards.

- Other end bosses to spice things up.

It's a cool 5 minute time waster but I feel it could be a lot more. I don't hate the game but I can't say I would be quick to recommend anyone spend cash on this in its current state. But this is a new age, so the game could always get better in future updates.


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