Spiral into audioreactive obscurity as you are transported to a mysterious and melancholy land of Kyoto. As the former ancient capital of Japan, the city of Kyoto is a truly magical place where anyone can easily be lost in its beauty. This game is an homage to the wonderful city that I currently reside in.

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This game proves that a game can be seen purely from an artistic standpoint. The visuals are beautiful, and the whole experience is nothing short of captivating.

an excelent game, very relaxing and well made, the whole idea of interact with the game enviroment creating and composing the music it's just beautiful! GOOD JOB! I EXPECT ANOTHER PIECE OF ART LIKE THIS IN THE FUTURE! :D

The Game was Beautiful, I felt compleately immersed in the small world.
Strangly it reminded me of Myst, that old point and Click game, although not as serious obviously, it was still enough for me.
For me it reminds me that games do not have to feel like games.
This felt like I was inside a peice of Art.
Never have I ever been absorbed into something like this.
When I closed my eyes, I thought I was their for a moment, I useually don't admit things like this but tears were forming in my eyes.
A perfect 10 from me.


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