The opportunity to rewrite history waits for you in this epic, sprawling struggle for sovereignty, dominance and riches. Choose one of over 100 kingdoms and play through the Early, High, and Late periods of the Middle Ages during one of Europe’s most turbulent and fascinating times. Use any number of methods to achieve your goals and impose your will on others, including trade, diplomacy, subterfuge or brute force.

Through words or steel, lead your nation to victory and make your mark on history. With numerous allies and foes to contend with and an entire continent to conquer, the path to ultimate domination is no simple feat. It takes the wisdom, strength and courage of a leader to weather the trials of history: do you have it in you?

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Full HD

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
How to Install :
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

- Install the mod with the installer : select your Knights of Honor folder (steam/steamapp/common/knights of honor) then wait a second ;
- When prompted install the 3 patchs, 2 are official (patch 1.03 and 1.05) and the last one the unofficial for HD (if you wanted it)
If you couldn't install the first one (no error message, it's because you already have it. don't worry !)
If the second one can't be installed, it's maybe the same reason. If not, check your pack folder in knights of Honor directory, remove screens.pk1 ; screens.pk2 ; sounds.pk1 ; structures.pk1 ; units.pk1 and voices.pk1. Then try again to install the patch 1.05.
If you can't install the unofficial patch, see the error message : "1.05 not installed, try to install again the 1.05 patch by removing files in pack : .pk1 and .pk2"

When you'll start the game, you'll see changes (intro, buildings, music, ... etc.)

Tested on patch 1.03 and 1.05 (You SHOULD INSTALL 1.05 to have the HD patch)

Steam version is 1.03
CDs version is 1.0

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
Changes :
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

Graphics :

* HD UI by n64gamer
* Full HD in windowed mode compatibility by the HARDWORK of n64gamer
* feillyne terrain texture (brighter and smoother)
* fix scretch on main menu
* short intro (Crytek and ModDB)

medieval europe

Sounds :

+ Add 48 mins of lorefriendly music
* change main menu music which was so repetitive

Content :

Dusk of Glory Mod - 31 new buildings and 47 building upgrades
Removed content (in dev when the game was released) have been restored (religion, quest, units weakness, tweaks, flag and map)


Tweaks :

Complete economy rework
Squad size enhancement
Overhaul units weakness and bonus
Rebuild IA module and City creation
Rework quest system - for now there are 32 quests
Realistic Crusade (LOT of units and Commander AI reworked to conquer faster and longer. It's a real challenge now.)
Morale, religion and Happiness updated to be less trivial


Morale and Size Overhaul

Units Overhaul

Morale and Commander Impact

Bugs :

- Multiplayer unstable (FIX : In "Preferences" : the last two checkboxes should be UNTICKED)
- Credits not working
- How to play make crash the game
- Some strings are cut

Coming Soon :

New terrain bmp for HD
New units textures
New Effects
Fix strings and UI position
.... maybe more resolution to be supported ! tell me !

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

This mod can be used and included in your own Knights of Honor mods. (Note that it may be used only in KoH mods because it uses original KoH artwork.)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
Official website:
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- --- (all feedback is welcome there)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
Over-Detailed changes list :
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

defs :

Economy overhaul :

Advantages :
Age of Discoveries - +25 gold (vs +5)
Crop Rotation - +10 Food (vs +1)
Buildings :
Every buildings have been tweaked, see in game or this changelog gonna be 20 page long :p
(Town Watch give happiness ; Market cost food ; construction time overhaul ; harbour give a LOT of gold)
Exotics :
Cost (more or less - depend of the value of the item.. gems cost more than silk)
Town Level :
Economy tweaks
Units (conditions):
Peasant, Slave, poor axeman and bowman cost near nothing but are very bad in the battle ground.
Ressources :
Colums and Statue are now given by Ruins, Scultors Guild and Carrier now provide quantity of workers.
First Start :
Towns gets sometimes "Capital of..." buildings, it's a big help to your economy : more gold, books, piety or happiness.

Happiness :

tweaks, tweaks and tweaks... you will be more and more attacked by rebels if you let then alive, and happiness is now a big problem to cope with.

Knights :

Many skills tweaks
Knights cots less to educate but cost more and more...

Morale :
overhaul based on killed man and commander skills
religion improvement (stay gentle with your pope / patriarch or face to jdihad, crusade and rebels)

Quest :

Almohad - Aragon - Armenia - Autria-Hungary - Bohemia - Bulgaria - Gurgundy - Byzantia - Camelot - Denmark - England - France - Germany - Golden Horde - Greece - Holy Roman Empire - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Norway - Ottomans - poland-lithuania - Polska - Rome - Scotia - Serbia - Sicily - Spain - Sweden - Ukraine

Units :

Squad size overhaul
horse > footmen > bowmen
spearmen > horse
bow > horse
All > peasant
commander > 2 squads of peasant
crusaders > all

Difficulty :

AI improved to be less "robot like" but human, it will make peace when AI lose war.
AI battle now search for weakness in your fort (go to less protected gate)
Some AI exploit fixed
In Hard, AI will make elite units

Images :

textures improvements, see feillyne work
UI background to fit with 1920x1080 resolution

Fonts :

Trajan Pro

Tools :

RLE Viewer (to edit RLE proprietary files)
pakman (open pack files)
listdisplaymodes to check your display mode (for troubleshooting)
Patcher and sources

maps :

New playable countries
Add support of quest (camelot / Holy Roman Empire etc...)

Movies :

Short intro (FUll HD)

Sounds :

see on Jamendo :

- David_Gay-Perret_-_La_Bataille
- David_Gay-Perret_-_Redemption
- Ignacio_Núñez_-_Celtas
- Ignacio_Núñez_-_Mnemósine
- Ignacio_Núñez_-_Wings_of_glory
- Iska_-_Blackfyre
- Iska_-_Oldtown
- Marc_Teichert_-_Epic_Battle
- Music_For_Your_Media_-_Medieval_City
- Ofri_Eliaz_-_Komo_la_roza
- PicturesPlay_-_Danza
- Prana_WORLD_-_Here_we_come
- Robert_Karpinski___-_Emi
- Robert_Karpinski___-_Sunrise
- SimonBowman_-_Knight_Time

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

Dusk of Glory by feillyne :

Version 1.1 :

- 5 new buildings
- 8 new building upgrades
- remastered terrain textures

Version 1.1.1 :

- Windmills and Muslim windmills can be now upgraded correctly
- building bonuses were tweaked

Version 1.7 :

- 22 new buildings
- 11 new upgrades (including 3 upgrades for old buildings)
- some more gameplay tweaks (now buildings require products instead of buildings producing them, e.g. Statues instead of Sculptor's Guild)

Version 1.8 :

- 14 new upgrades of town specialisations (for centre of commerce, etc.)
- fixed descriptions of upgrades for towns of Orthodox kingdoms
- fixed game-crashing upgrade bug (Orthodox kingdoms)

HD Patch by n64gamer :

Version 0.1 (17/06/2016)

- Initial Release. Sent to two individuals for testing.

Version 0.2 (18/07/2016)

- Internal testing release.
- Removed old version of HD logo from graphics.
- Position of the diamond minimap moved closer in to the middle of the screen to match the location of the bottom bar in battle mode.

Version 0.3 (23/07/2016)

- First truly playable release. Modified splash screen to use HD-edition graphic.
- Simplified design of horizontal UI bars to make them less obtrusive.
- More consistent use of typefaces (Cardo and Trajan Pro) throughout the UI.
- Inclusion of tools by various authors to make subsequent modifications by end users easier: listdisplaymodes, pakman, rle_viewer.
- As well as koh_exe_patcher to make patching the 1.05exe easier.
- Includes Inno based setup utility to streamline installation process.

Ultimate Mod by Gazatus :

Version 0.1 :

- Initial release
- Include Dusk of Glory and some personnal economy tweak

Version 0.2 :

- Economy Overhaul
- small Units tweaks

Version 0.3 :

- Units overhaul : bonus, weak and size
- Small fixes
- better translation for Dusk of Glory

Version 0.4 :

- Many improvement underthehood
- include quest from Holy Roman Empire
- include an alpha method to run the game in fullscreen mode... don't work.

version 0.5 :

- added a patch to update koh.in2 and run the game in fullscreen mode
- do some dirty job on the KoH.exe for HD resolution (don't work too)

Version 0.6 :

- Removed old try for HD resolution and try an other one (no result too)
- Final tweaks and balance

Version 1.0 :

- TOTAL OVERHAUL : every single line of code (0.6 version) have been rewrited and optimised
- AI improvement
- Economy and happiness reworked
- Compatible with HD patch (alpha test between devs)

Version 2.0 :

- Include HD patch by n64gamer
- Translation of the HD patch
- Single installer optimised

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---

I do not provide technical support for this modification, as I am unwell at present and have no plans to provide tech support.

Please post on the forums on the Knights of Honor thread under "Detailed Widescreen Reports":
Post on the Steam Community Forums for Knights of Honor under the thread titled "Patching for 1920x1080" at:
and hopefully someone else will be able to help.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- ---


Stone background texture used as basis for HD Mod User Interface background. Texture was obtained from
Texture library © 2013 Dmitriy Chugai. <>

Stone texture used on top and bottom horizontal bars in HD Mod.
Texture was obtained from
Texture library © 2013 Dmitriy Chugai. <>

All other graphic elements (apart from typefaces) created using assets included in original Knights of Honor images.pak file. Derivative works created using artwork from images.pak file (in combination with, or without textures listed above) are hereby made available to Black Sea Studios for their use. No right or title is claimed in the derivative works, thereby ensuring all derivative works retain the original property of their respective creators, even when derivative works include artwork from multiple creators in one piece.

The source artwork for some elements of the updated User Interface are available on request, subject to any complaints from the owners of the Knights of Honor IP. Please post on the Steam or WSGF forums listed under "Troubleshooting" below if you would like to continue improving the HD Modification's User Interface.

Mods Compilation Credits :

Holy Roman Empire Mod for some quest ideas
Advanced Economy for his idea
Glory of God mod for some ideas
DusK of Glory Mod by feillyne
- Ancient Gardens, Gardens picture to JJasso
- Ancient Workshop, Ancient Workshop Workshop of Phidias
- Mosque upgrade, Friday Mosque in Herat (Afghanistan)
- Great Bridge, Bridge Alcantara
- Hagia Sophia
- Basilica, Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, Assassin's Creed

Big Thanks to Jamendo Autors :

- David_Gay-Perret_-_La_Bataille
- David_Gay-Perret_-_Redemption
- Ignacio_Núñez_-_Celtas
- Ignacio_Núñez_-_Mnemósine
- Ignacio_Núñez_-_Wings_of_glory
- Iska_-_Blackfyre
- Iska_-_Oldtown
- Marc_Teichert_-_Epic_Battle
- Music_For_Your_Media_-_Medieval_City
- Ofri_Eliaz_-_Komo_la_roza
- PicturesPlay_-_Danza
- Prana_WORLD_-_Here_we_come
- Robert_Karpinski___-_Emi
- Robert_Karpinski___-_Sunrise
- SimonBowman_-_Knight_Time

Artwork on ModDB :

- Wikipedia


- Additional fonts "Cardo" and "Trajan Pro" used for parts of the HD User Interface.
- Cardo is licensed under the SIL (see fonts folder included in the HD patch).
- Trajan Pro is available commercially from Adobe Systems and is included with their popular Creative Suite software.


- Pakman is created by Tempest in 2004 -
- RLE Viewer is created by Elwin Dijck in 2009 -
- Updated binaries for RLE Viewer created by various people online. Thanks!
- ListDisplayModes is created by n64gamer in 2016 based closely on code by phadeMAN. See acknowledgements.txt for details. Lazarus sources included.
- KOH_EXE_Patcher is created by n64gamer in 2016 and uses the BSD-licensed BSPatch and BSDiff. Lazarus sources available on request.


Knights of Honor (and associated logos): All trademarks, copyrights, service marks and other marks remain the exclusive property of those presently owning the intellectual property.

Knights of Honor HD (and associated logos): Although no copyright or registered trademarks appear to be recorded for this phrase at present, it is conceivable that the owners of the "Knights of Honor" game, artwork and other assets as well as all other associated intellectual property may desire to use this at some time presently or in the future. No rights or legal titles are asserted in that regard. Full legal title and rights for 'Knights of Honor HD' and associated materials, including fan-made logos for the HD Mod used in this edition, remain the exclusive property of the owner of the Knights of Honor intellectual property. Source artwork available on request.

The owner of all Knights of Honor Intellectual Property may instruct the creators of this mod to remove, change, or reintroduce elements that were removed from the game when used with this mod, or ceast and desist from distributing this modification for the game. Creators of the modification agree to comply with any and all reasonable requests although are unable to govern the actions of third parties who may have received the modification and used it for the basis of further modifications. As mod creators we kindly ask for the mercy of the intellectual property owner, since this mod has been created purely for the enjoyment of Knights of Honor fans, with no intention or license for it being sold or used for commercial gain, and with a strict license forbidding any parties except for the present copyright and intellectual property holders - namely Crytek Black Sea, formerly known as Black Sea Studios - from using the modification for profit.

In good faith and for the love of the game.

n64gamer, feillyne, Gazatus.

Dusk of Glory v1.8 released

Dusk of Glory v1.8 released

Dusk of Glory 11 comments

In the version 1.8, 14 new upgrades and a hotfix for Orthodox kingdoms.

Dusk of Glory v1.7 released

Dusk of Glory v1.7 released

Dusk of Glory 4 comments

Mod aims to refresh Knights of Honor gameplay with 31 new buildings and 33 building upgrades and various tweaks.

Dusk of Glory released!

Dusk of Glory released!

Dusk of Glory 7 comments

A mod aiming to refresh Knights of Honor experience with 9 new buildings and 22 building upgrades and various gameplay tweaks released.

Paradox Catalogue on sale now!

Paradox Catalogue on sale now!

News 9 comments

The annual Paradox Catalogue sale has rolled around once more for 2011!

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Patch RU-ru for Steam

Patch RU-ru for Steam

Russian Patch for Steam Full Version 0 comments

Add russian texts and voices. Unzip and place every folder in Knights of Honor directory. Overwrite if asked. Original version.

German Patch for Steam - KoH auf Deutsch

German Patch for Steam - KoH auf Deutsch

German Patch for Steam Full Version 0 comments

Add german support for KoH from Steam. Original voices and texts. Put files in Packs folder of Knights Of Honor.

Ultimate Mod 2.0 (EN/FR) with HD Patch

Ultimate Mod 2.0 (EN/FR) with HD Patch

Knights Of Honor - Ultimate Mod (Full HD Support) Full Version 1 comment

Ultimate Mod in Version 2.0 with HD Patch by n64gamer - Installer / Thanks to EthicallyChallenged for the Artwork

Ultimate Mod 1.0 (EN/FR)

Ultimate Mod 1.0 (EN/FR)

Knights Of Honor - Ultimate Mod (Full HD Support) Full Version 2 comments

OFFICIAL RELEASE : New content, new tweaks, new economy, new texture and compatibility with the HD Unofficial Patch. English / Français

Patch FR-fr for Steam

Patch FR-fr for Steam

French Patch for Steam - KoH en français Patch 0 comments

French Only Rejouez à KoH en français ! Nostalgie :3 et dire que steam ne "supporte" pas la langue française... heureusement que mon vieux CD est encore...

Knights of Honor - ArmageddonFantasy

Knights of Honor - ArmageddonFantasy

Full Version 1 comment

This mod ArmageddonFantasy played in the old World. You will fight with or agains orcs, dwarfs, elves, hobgoblins, undead and odd creature. The mainstory...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 49)

Hello i wanna ask something. I created my own kingdom and everything is work fine but only 1 thing i cant get to work which is the kingdom special unit and local unit . I have been edited the TrainUnit.txt and TrainUnits.xls many time still cannot, any people here can help me?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey hello can you tell me how can I find pope belongs to which kingdom?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Default: Papacy.LVL 5 cleric can become pope after the previous pope died of old age. Or muster all troops and storm rome.
Edit: Or go to world map, select papacy, press enter and type: bsswitch

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I would like to see WW2 version of this game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

silly man silly.To see the tiny troops take guns ,play hearts of iron or mount and blade warband, they are better

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

HoI is very complex and this game only compete for continent, not earth. I remember 1# time i complete HoI 2 it took 52Hours with chronic headache (Gathering of Storm - Germoney).I like warband, but i prefer playing a point&click; RTS than RPG.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Silly question that i need an answer .. how do you stop time in KoH?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

Is there he way to have more men on the unit ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a way to update this game from 1.03 to 1.05 through Desura?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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