As in the first Knight Rider, the player will play K.I.T.T. and must use all the unique features that this famous car was capable of in order to successfully complete missions. Whether its driving in ski-mode in narrow alleys, utilizing night vision to see where others can not, chasing the bad guys with incredible speed by activating the Turbo Boost or scanning buildings to analyse a situation, Knight Rider 2 will still offer all the thrilling features associated with the original K.I.T.T. car of the TV series. Note: Sorry this say's developer it's me but it's not i just haven't find the group Davilex games so say it's by me but it's by Davilex Games!

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Jun 8th, 2013

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10 MotorheadLukas

May 12th, 2013

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Jun 21st, 2012

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Jan 7th, 2012

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Apr 16th, 2011

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Feb 27th, 2011

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7 RangerC

Jan 23rd, 2011

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Oct 13th, 2010

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Sep 23rd, 2010

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Sep 13th, 2010

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