A cooperative survival horror experience set in a variety of nightmarish and surreal settings. Band together with your team-mates to defeat increasingly overwhelming hordes of freakish enemies and eventually - a horrifying boss.

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8 DreamsOnFola

Oct 29th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Cool zombie co-op shooter with a lot of guns and fun! :)

TheUnbeholden says
8 TheUnbeholden

Dec 12th, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

My only criticism is that it needs a sniper rifle (rather than just a crossbow and 2 rifles).. and perhaps it could use different bosses (depending on the map) and some more maps.

I would say the game does what it does well eventhough there isn't any campaign, or much replayability here, it does what it does well and thats co-op survival horror zombie killing.

Diego63212 says
8 Diego63212

Jul 19th, 2014

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humourprince says
8 humourprince

May 1st, 2014

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Squintchaos says
8 Squintchaos

Jan 5th, 2014

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pendra says
8 pendra

Dec 26th, 2013

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FEARPointManOperativ says
8 FEARPointManOperativ

Aug 1st, 2013

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FreakLikeChewy says
8 FreakLikeChewy

Mar 27th, 2013

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Blazer48 says
8 Blazer48

Mar 9th, 2013

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DrRhubarb says
8 DrRhubarb

Feb 20th, 2013

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