Zombie/Monster survival game with block style characters, fimiliar to minecraft. You have to survive different waves of monsters and earn gold to buy better weapons. Play with others in online multiplayer or try solo challenge! For Windows, Mac and Linux

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needs a few more fixes like the bugged furnances. would be awesome if you could remove stuff/deconstruct stuff like unnecessary wood floors. keep up the good work, i am looking forward to buying your game when it is like more complete ;)

Add the payment method of PaySafeCard Please or i will not buy it ):

its awesome cant wait till the game is finishd


This is a good game, It needs more stuff, but I cant say that now because its only in aplpha. But its good right now, Keep it up!

looks cool

Fan-flipping-tastic game love the multiplayer. If it was a bit more popular then it would make for and awsome game even though the single-player is kina really hard it just has that sense of apocaliptic hoplessness love the alpha keep up the good work. ;D



Really good game. i love this kind of things, and its free :D Thanks man. you can do it better! good luck!

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