Zombie/Monster survival game with block style characters, fimiliar to minecraft. You have to survive different waves of monsters and earn gold to buy better weapons. Play with others in online multiplayer or try solo challenge! For Windows, Mac and Linux

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3 Burning-X

Sep 10th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

It's simply minecraft with Guns, nothing interesting.

OneSavageRaven says
3 OneSavageRaven

Aug 22nd, 2013 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

What happened, Zombie genre? You used to be brilliant. But now, we're stuck with THIS. Kill Craft 2.
I've read the reviews, and apparently it's Minecraft and Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies put together. I've played both, and I can say that it's NOT like Minecraft and Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies!
For starters, yes, the game is in Alpha, but still, take a page out of Counter-Strike's book; playtest the game, and, for the love of god, please tell us what to do!
It makes no sence, believe me, I tried. But, I didn't bother. What I did do, was freaking wait for an hour to end a round!
Seriously, after round 5, they take 3 hits to kill (with a pickaxe), and too much on round 9! Also, the hell bonus level (I think that's the one) is WAY too hard, the big guys set you on fire and all the others decide to go all over you, in the standard rounds, all you had to do was run.
And another thing, the models look more of the same, I know, Left 4 Dead done that too, but there were a lot of models, not in Kill Craft, even one that looked ripped from Minecraft!
I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but honestly. More maps, add everything to the store(seriously, weps cannot be bought, and god help me with the furnace), add "make your own skins," some music (hell, I'll do it myself if I have to,) and, lower the difficulty a tad, would you please?
Alright, I admit, it was a little fun, especially in the early levels where everything was easy and "get ready," but in the later levels, well, I already said why. Stanima needs to be worked as well, depletes way too quickly, drains even when doing nothing, and damages you if it's too low.
Now, before you accuse me of hating this game because it's too difficult, I do like a good challenge (ever played Cry of Fear at night? Scary, ain't it?) but come on, it's a difficulty spike gone wrong!

Anyways, 3/10 for...

+ Zombies.

+ Indie.

- Zombies.

- Confusing Gameplay.

- Annoying difficulty spike.

- Linier map, zombies, and weps.

jujusmoke says
3 jujusmoke

Nov 29th, 2013

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jonkes says
3 jonkes

Aug 31st, 2013

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leaderofme17 says
3 leaderofme17

Aug 24th, 2013

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nika25042 says
3 nika25042

Aug 23rd, 2013

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JedoSmax says
3 JedoSmax

Aug 15th, 2013

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