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This is an 16-bit style turn-based RPG, with modern music. You follow the main protagonist Kaisa, on a journey of revenge to find the people responsible for his childhood friend's death. To find them he heads to the locations of were the Demon King's Relics are guarded, hoping to come across the travelers who are after those relics to stop the Demon King's resurrection. Along the way, Kaisa gains some traveling companions and form an unlikely band of heroes. Kaisa's journey to find the truth behind his death is a long one, and he may gain back a part of himself that he once lost. This game is recommended for teens for the mild language, not so graphic violence, and some partially nude (nothing graphic folks) Lamias (snake ladies). The game lasts for at least 35 hours. If you have Windows 8, you may run into some incompatibility issues, so I recommend running the game in XP compatibility if anything should happen.

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Updated MapsUpdated MapsUpdated MapsAfter getting more practice with making maps, I decided to finally redo Kaisa. The story will share the same plot and places, but it's different enough for the few who have bought the game to play it again and notice the changes. The old maps will be deleted from the game, so when you download the new version, you'll need to start a new game. I am not sure when the new version will be released, I am now working full time, but I will try to have it done by the end of the year. I will continue uploading images of the new maps over time.

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bossonova911 Aug 26 2013 says:

Its just sad to see good games go to waste cause no one will buy it at this price... you can bet on it, oh you already have. LOL.

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hashpling Aug 26 2013 replied:

Agreed, I was intrigued by the screenshots and art, but I can't justify $13 for something thats indie or amature at best. The point isnt to make a $hit ton of $$, its to get really good at your craft, so people throw cash at you. But modern artist and developers have the concept backwards.

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OneSavageRaven Aug 27 2013 replied:

Well, the new Call of Duty is $90. And it's MORE of the SAME. I don't see anybody complaining. Sure, it's AAA. But does that justify it? No.

I've played games that are $50 and I've played them for only 2 hours.

I have games that are $20 and under and I've gone 159, 131, 52 and 42 hours. And they're all better than Call of Duty and all the other gaming giants with no taste. (I know I'm targeting First-Person Shooters, but there's a lot of them. And a number of them have no originality.)

My point is, sequal after sequal of garbage sells millions even at ridiculous prices. And the good, original ones barely sell at good prices.

So, really, that's my point.

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ThyDaminLake Aug 26 2013 replied:

From my understanding, games without Campaigns and strickly multiplayer sell for $60 and get 1 million sells in the first day. Yet, you are complaining about $13? From my understanding, it is a very good game.

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Kijuta Aug 27 2013 replied:

UGH can't say enough how insanely dumb that comment is, considering how poorly made this game looks(tacky as it gets really). And i don't need to pay an obnoxious amount for a bad game to say whats painfully obvious about it.

I'd be more polite about it but people like ThyDamin are insanely common and are becoming more so over time. It's truly depressing being i WANT dev's like this to make an actual effort instead of slapping together a "classic rpg" from an RPG maker and expecting old school fans to just throw money at it. People that made money from classic rpg's made A REAL EFFORT to make it a good game, weird idea i know...

There is NO constructive criticism for someone that wants to create a game like this other then saying try being original and making A REAL EFFORT. lawd o mighty.... what the **** happened to common sense being common, UGH :( *whine* thats the end of my rant...

I'd say i don't want anyone to be offended by my comments but there is no polite way of saying how dumb someone is unless you want to sugar coat it to where its not the truth..

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OneSavageRaven Aug 27 2013 replied:

At least you played the game. But I'm with ThyDaminLake. Games that are $90 and released every year (I'm looking at you, Call of Duty.)

But still, you want badly made game? Try mine when it's released. I don't even have confinence in it but I'm still gonna release it.

So really. At least appreciate the time the dev put in. Not everyone has the support of a fan community, so sometimes when a dev makes their first game. It's not brilliant.

My point is, it's fine to rant about it. But maybe it's a little offensive to the devs. And yes, not everything that's labeled as an "Classic RPG" is good, but really, they TRY. Not like most AAA devs.

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Kijuta Aug 27 2013 replied:

Holy **** Katana... try reading what my "rant" was actually about?. This game DOES NOT COMPARE WITH ACTUAL DEVOLPERS. You know, the ones that actually create the engine and the great art that goes with it? If you or a "Dev" that only uses RPG maker to make his poorly made games takes offense to that... then enjoy living the bubble you live in... ****ing ridiculous.

Love how you just SCREAMED my point about common sense not being common. yeesh.. not sure why i came back to reply to that obnoxious comment..

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OneSavageRaven Aug 27 2013 replied:

So, what your saying is, if someone puts their time into something, they don't get rewarded. When bucketloads of garbadge get high-praise.


I know what the f*** a developer is, I own one and it's 28th (as of reply), so I must know what the f*** I'm doing.

Look, Indie games do something intresting, most AAA devs take what's already done and modify it a little. Not all, but most.

That's the same with Mods, Mods are like Indie games. They're intresting.

Let's take 2 games, an Indie, and a AAA.

For Indie, I pick Binding of Isaac, and for AAA, I pick Call of Duty.

Binding of Isaac has an original setting, perfect music, gameplay that pulls me back in (even after I've raged at it), and, it's cheap.

Call of Duty has been reused time and time again, gameplay that's been tired and boring. And a story that's soo poor it's mockable.

See me point?

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bossonova911 Aug 26 2013 replied:

oh i'm not complaining at all, but no one will buy it.... it will go on sale for like 50-75% off in a little while for those who are interested in it still. and then it will fade away.... seen it soo many times it would make your head spin. oh well, c ya....

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OneSavageRaven Aug 27 2013 replied:

Well, really, people will buy it. Some might hate it, some might love it. You shouldn't judge a game on price until you've played it.

Like what more people should be like, "A game is just a game until it's been played." That's how I do it and how others do it.

Also, reguarding the price, I joined Viran Lore Games after Kaisa was released. So I really didn't have a say. I'm not gonna complain. But still.

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I just tested the demo so far so i "can't" give a REAL review of the complete product, but if all things after the demo are at the same "working level", i think i can give a review with no problem. First, why selling you're FIRST GAME for 8$ ? Seriously, you clearly need more experience in making, but you already want a revenue of your game, to sell a game there is some criteria you MUST RESPECT, and i want to tell you some of these criterias your game don't respect at all : - Write Quality I'm…

Aug 27 2013 by tfkmaster

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