Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is the long awaited sequel to the most popular DOS shareware platformer game of 1994! Play as Jazz or his little brother Spaz on the quest to rescue Eva Furlong!

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This game defines my presence on this site, and the kind of stuff I play and create. No mere words can describe it´s unique possibilities!


being one of the best platformer to be ever released, Jack the Jackrabbit 2 is most probably the one game you remember from your childhood as giving you tremendous amounts of pure fun!

simple controls, addictive gameplay and possibility of multiplay in various game modes, simply makes this game unbeatable on many levels, even compared to some of the most popular titles today, especially in the same gaming category.

a brilliant gem of a brilliant time for gaming industry!


Best game ever

My game of childhood! i love this game!


My very first Jazz game that I used to play as kid. We did not had internet back in those days so I and my sister played it in split-screen (it was not there for nothing).
Awesome graphics, awesome music, lovely characters, best level editor, etc.
Now I have TSF with JJ2+ patch and I sill play this game.

Spaz ate the Dopefish.


One of the best side scrollers ever made, fast paced, nice graphics.


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