Isomer is an isometric realtime strategy game inspired by classic XCOM and other more recent sandbox style games. It's open ended, designed to be played in a variety of ways with world exploration, survival, crafting and strategy all blended together. Build up your forces by trading resources for reinforcements with passing resupply ships and mutate your troops into specialist units from scouts to warriors. Enemy forces attack periodically in an attempt to destroy your bases and facilities. How long can you survive? The worlds are procedurally generated, large and teeming with hostile forces, enemy bases, deep catacombs and life. On some worlds, extensive enemy facilities have sprung up and the inhabitants don't take too kindly to new arrivals attempting to poach resources from their backyard. Mined resources can be used to build structures, traps or fortifications as well as traded periodically.

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After being Drawn to the page by the rather audacious declaration of a Dwarf fortress AND Xcom inspired game i immediately began to take interest in this game. After following the games progress for several months i decided to finally gave in and decided to buy it on Desura. After Firing the game up and met by a rather white menu screen with a lack of an options menu i began to worry slightly as i began to create a world fearing a horrible boring buggy mess. Thankfully the white game select screen gave way to a pleasantly coloured game with a calmingly wonderful sci fi sound track. two seconds in a message in the bottom left reads "your power core is under attack" scrambling the aliens to arms i dispatched the human attacker and was then subsequently stuck down and killed by several more that had surrounded my ship. i started the game up again and managed to waste 2 hours expanding and mining to the point of exhaustion and after playing for longer i believe i have now been abducted and enslaved by aliens to command their forces and hell i would recommend it to anyone

thank you. just thank you.

I don't like the art style, the genre the game is heading towards is awesome.

This game has huge awesome potential and I hope to see it through.
It is similar to xcom with voxel type mining and exploration. I look
forward to further development of this ambitious cool concept.
My score can only go up from here as I know this is only the
initial ALPHA stage of the game.


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