What would you do for freedom? In Iron Grip: Warlord, the nomadic civilization of Atelia is being swallowed by the massive Confederation. It's a hopeless and tiresome battle; for every enemy Confederate that falls, five more takes their place. Outnumbered and forced to retreat into the heart of cities, a full-out urban warfare has begun that the Atelians will surely lose. As the vestiges of your world crumble and your morale sinks, the only hope for the future is you and your fellow warlords. This is your last stand. This is your freedom. This is your game.

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Iron Grip: Warlord releases six new screenshots, showing off the revamped graphics!

Posted by InterfaceLeader on Apr 23rd, 2008

New Warlord screenshots! Yes, we took Warlord away and redesigned the graphics, and this is the result - a super shiny, ultra spiffy, slick graphical FPS and RTS that you're going to love. But enough of my babble - the pictures speak for themselves!

For more of the screenshots, please go to the official Iron Grip: Warlord website - in addition to the remaining four screenshots, there is updated information on two of the enemy Confederate units you will face in the game.

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Aeneas2020 Apr 23 2008 says:

looking really good, the engine is indeed showing its age but you are def pushing it to its limit :D great work as always keep it up i know ill be getting this when it comes out.

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Henley Staff
Henley Apr 23 2008 says:

wow i did not expect to see these types of models on a older engine. Good work keep it up!

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dinky Apr 23 2008 says:

Looks great!!! I'd post more and look at more but I have to go!!

Also, your official website has an awesome Flash design, well done. But the "View Full Size" on the screenshots doesn't work for me (and it's not because of pop-up blocker)!! ARGH!

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pedro0930 Apr 23 2008 says:

The graphic is much improved indeed. It's probably the lighting, the maps seems to be brighter.

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dukka Apr 23 2008 says:

Certainly looks a lot better than some of the earlier screens, nice job pushing the engine every inch further you do.

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bobwashere Apr 23 2008 says:

Much better.

*Breathes a sigh of relief.*

Keep it up!

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kinesis916 Apr 24 2008 says:

Looking good.

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Betelgeuze Apr 24 2008 says:

While the engine still shows its age, it looks a lot better.
Do you guys plan to push it even further?

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ajikan Apr 24 2008 says:

I suggest getting a better engine.
Good textures, but you will regrett that you didnt get a better engine at the start.
I know you have to keep it simple for the rts part, but it looks like quake2.

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Terminal58 Apr 24 2008 says:

The textures need to be a higher quality.


Like look at the bottom left, when you are actually close to the texture you see what I mean.

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arkythesharky Apr 24 2008 says:

I don't care if it looks like ***, it just better be fun.

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Knights Apr 24 2008 says:

This looks awful. You guys are going backwards with quality on this game. The source version looked hella better. This game looks like hexen 2, graphix wise.

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leilei Apr 24 2008 says:

alphablend blood ew

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TakedaKeni Apr 24 2008 says:

I found myself asking "Where's Leilei's input on this release?"
And by God, I found it.

Looks good, but it could still use some brush-ups here and there. Might want to do something more with the architecture and such, if you can.

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uberjager Apr 24 2008 says:

Wow! those are some of the best graphics that I have seen on the idftech 3 engine.

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leilei Apr 25 2008 replied:

Certainly doesn't beat Call of Duty and Elite Force 2 in the GFX department though.

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ManuelXose Apr 25 2008 replied:

You're right, it does have far less borg laser eyes and fancy animated warpcore brushes. Keep up the good work.

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leilei Apr 25 2008 replied:

yeah call of duty is a very laser hi tech game i mean like omg

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ManuelXose Apr 25 2008 replied:

Speaking of very laser hi tech games, whatever happened to your gargoyles with penises? They'd totally work if you put some borg implants on them too, perhaps a cybernetic *****?

You know what they say Leilei: "Old is New". It's time for some new Cheapalert works.

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razorb Apr 24 2008 says:

looks good imo :)v nice weapon design.. at least thats one thing no engine can take away from you.. is your design ability uve got some great artists ! and its nice to see not everyone is running of to normal map land :D

gj guys

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ajikan Apr 25 2008 says:

why is it that whenever you give critiq that isnt "woow so pretty, i love you" you get -karma.
whats the point of commenting if you can only write "lol thats good, you guyz roxors!!1one!"

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franzmann Apr 25 2008 says:

Looks great!!!
=)nice graphics

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