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RSS feed Report content [HEAVY SPOILER] Speedrun Alpha Cut

like this video and your game!!
it show great quality, just the voice with the German accent is a bit odd. it makes him sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and there is nothing wrong with that ! only that it does have a funny sound to it, and that makes the scary feeling of it all much less. maybe you could think about looking for a voice actor, you can find really good ones quit easily by placing a free add for it in the Job section of Moddb (look above on modd page and click on the word Job!

and i noticed that after you did find the key and opened the locked doors with it it still gives a text on screen that that door needs a key to unlock the door. maybe you take that text away ones the player has the key to that door.

other then that, great work!
keep it up!


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Game is looking great, but that voice acting is going to break it.
Good luck!

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Don`t watch this if you want to find out all possible solutions for the Alpha Cut on your own.

This is the fastest way WE know to beat the Alpha cut (Adventure way). 4 Minutes and 25 seconds.

However, you miss a lot of interesting and useful things if playing it this way. In this video, we got:

Cutscenes: 2 out of 5
Story Hints: 1 out of 13
Enemies killed: 9 out of 15
New Skills: 0 out of 1
New Weapons: 0 out of 1
Ammo clips: 3 out of 12
Health Packs: 2 out of 9

Can YOU do faster?

Check out the Alpha Cut yourself and don`t forget to vote us on the Top100 finals of IOTY 2011.

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