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andrea_bbg_104 says

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insert title here is really fun and surprising with all the doors and the opening stuff. i like the drug room-trippy as hell :D. you guys are the best! but since im new, i cant rate over 8 so i just picked 7 or 8????? that must be really fun. i always get scared whenever i pick horror game and phycological. the face that just pops up in i think phycological or horror when you open the door really scares me. but thats just whats great with you guys! i just like writing reviews, its just fun! bye bye d:D

it was alright but needs to be longer i think


Martingguru says

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It's a very good game, original and fun, but it can be improved in graphics and sounds. When you enter in the room you are not allowed to instead of going to the elevator, the noise is too repetitive and "ear-raping". Also it would be good a graphic improvement. It deserves a 7 out of 10. Good. ;)

It's too short. It is experimental and all but it has less thrill than others games with the same genre as this one.

idk weird

good good good

Its ok, but quite stupid

meh.funny, but meh

Short but sweet. Definitely worth going through, so do it. Just do it.

Interesting concept

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