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Hello everyone!

The bigger is here. Every level in the game has been updated. We felt that some of the levels were lacking with detail, gameplay and realism, so these problems have now been dealt with. Hope you like the changes!

Also, the player character's voice has been updated, it is now smoother sounding and easier to understand.

INFRA is also on Sale on steam right now!

New gameplay video:

N.b. Unfortunately this update will mess with your current saves in the game. To avoid this, leave the game in a beginning of a chapter during the update. You can also disable the update if you want to. To do this, go to: Steam Library -> INFRA -> Options -> Updates. Here are also some instructions in case something happens to your saves’:

Full changelist here:

Version 1.1.0

  • Added use highlights to toilets (issue (#258)
  • Changed player's voice
  • Changed the sound effect for "spot repaired" and "corruption uncovered" to be louder
  • Fixed a certain gate model texture (issue #399)
  • Fixed a large amount of dustmotes causing visual artefacts (issue #493)


  • Added new player VO
  • Added corruption targets to both of the newspapers (issue #107)
  • Changed lighting of areas
  • Changed the randomization of the generic office workers
  • Changed Amit's character to use another model
  • Changed face textures and materials for all character models
  • Changed head models for most of the characters
  • Fixed the boss's eyes sometimes randomly changing color


  • Added new autosaves
  • Added new hidden achievement
  • Added detail to the start area and to the logging zone
  • Added a camera target to the wooden bridge
  • Changed one of the cliff faces to be more realistic
  • Changed the transformer camera target to stay enabled
  • Fixed overlapping subtitles and timings in the phone call to boss
  • Fixed map monologue interrupting corruption monologue
  • Fixed illogical train breaking sound (issue #259)
  • Fixed train signal global not triggering (issue #372)
  • Fixed certain geocache being finicky to pick up (issue #384)
  • Fixed some issues with the cable raft (issue #419)
  • Fixed certain invisible walls (issue #420)
  • Fixed props having incorrect lighting (issue #475)
  • Fixed out of bounds issue (issue #492)


  • Added new autosaves
  • Added a hint for the climb button to the elevator
  • Added new rooms to the dam
  • Added a new door control mechanism to the dam
  • Added new camera targets to the dam
  • Added new particles to the switchyard
  • Added a new room to the sawmill
  • Added a newspaper to the sawmill
  • Added a new repairable spot to the dam
  • Added a new achievement when fixing the dam
  • Added missing camera targets (issue #426 and issue #469)
  • Changed the sawmill generator room power to be toggleable
  • Changed the murkiness of the water in the generator hall
  • Changed the textures of the info signs
  • Changed the room before Hartman's office to a secretary's office
  • Changed the dam to be fully repairable
  • Changed the layout of the western side of the dam
  • Changed the sawmill lighting to be more realistic
  • Fixed the elevator teleporting down a bit
  • Fixed the achievement Step and Jump being unlockable even when the power was off
  • Fixed tree fading out noticeably (issue #262)
  • Fixed problem with certain locked door (issue #299)
  • Fixed player getting stuck under the sawmill log collection platform (issue #303)
  • Fixed certain camera target having too short range (issue #337)
  • Fixed low res reflections on the puddles (issue #348)
  • Fixed models being too bright (issue #423 and issue #475)
  • Fixed broken areaportals (issue #308 and issue #424)
  • Fixed the broken wires being unphotographable when too close (issue #425
  • Fixed the crow sitting on the bird watching tower sometimes not flying away (issue #427)
  • Fixed water particles clipping throught the wall (issue #428)
  • Fixed the cave entrance being finicky to climb back up (issue #447)
  • Fixed the note on the exit gate interupting the gate opreation (issue #467)
  • Fixed player getting stuck between the rocks near the cabin (issue #473)
  • Fixed bunch of floating objects (issue #474 and issue #476)
  • Removed unnecessary crates from the sawmill


  • Added missing camera targets
  • Added clips to the concrete barrier (issue #385)
  • Added more clips to the cliff path (issue #482)
  • Added a camera target for the fallen ladder (issue #496)
  • Changed the flood door to slide down(issue #457)
  • Fixed props having incorrect lighting
  • Fixed the broken window collision model (issue #481)


  • Added more valve spots (issue #444)
  • Added button sounds to alarm keypad when it's off (issue #471)
  • Added new autosave (issue #490)
  • Changed keypad screen to be off when it's not powered (issue #450)
  • Fixed some misaligned models
  • Fixed a lighting glitch (issue #161)
  • Fixed the elevator monologue (issue #387)
  • Fixed certain camera target having too small range (issue #445)
  • Fixed misaligned digit on the keypad screen (issue #446)


  • Added camera target to the newspaper (issue #483)
  • Fixed the door magically locking behind the player at the start of map (issue #458)


  • Added a new autosave(issue #390)
  • Fixed a camera target having too long range (issue #389)
  • Fixed three different documents counting as one (issue #488)


  • Added functional light switch to office (issue #394)
  • Added button sounds to alarm keypad when it's off (issue #470)
  • Fixed raft emitting particles after it breaks (issue #392)
  • Fixed the junk collisions near water (issue #393)
  • Fixed a lever sound (issue #400)
  • Removed confusing red indicator light (issue #454)


  • Fixed ending event being skipable
  • Removed finicky ladder near planks


  • Changed the floor crap (issue #405)
  • Fixed wrong door sounds (issue #339)
  • Fixed sparks from fuses clipping (issue #357)
  • Fixed a certain floating door (issue #407)


  • Added a new grit classifier puzzle
  • Added a new achievement (issue #361)
  • Added new red keycard
  • Added a valve to old grit classifier room
  • Added a valve to sewer pipe building
  • Added new camera targets (issue #433, issue #437 and issue #486)
  • Changed the blower building route
  • Changed the white keycard location (issue #460)
  • Fixed a door turning static when transitioning from tower (issue #408)
  • Fixed the missing valves(issue #409)
  • Fixed sample report being finicky (issue #410])
  • Fixed blue screen computer being unusable (issue #411)
  • Fixed the gate being ajar to the wrong side (issue #412)
  • Fixed blue tint in doorway (issue #436)
  • Fixed the glowing mushrooms camera target range (issue #438)
  • Fixed light on alarm staying green when disarmed (issue #439)
  • Fixed certain log being too bright(issue #440)
  • Fixed the water sampler use highlights (issue #453)
  • Fixed a certain floating prop (issue #479)
  • Fixed illogical keycard coloring scheme (issue #489)


  • Added missing corruption target
  • Added missing camera targets
  • Added trigger_hurt to a certain broken pipe
  • Fixed certain debris collisions (issue #381)
  • Fixed player complaining about deep water before the end (issue #370)


  • Added player monologue when triggering the ending event
INFRA released!

INFRA released!

News 2 comments

Hello everybody! INFRA Part 1 has been released on Steam! Huge thanks for everyone who have followed and supported us during the development!

Price tag announced, OS X delayed, beta updated

Price tag announced, OS X delayed, beta updated

News 11 comments

INFRA: Part 1 will be out on Steam next Friday on the January 15th. Lots of stuff to cover in this post.

INFRA Release date announced!

INFRA Release date announced!

News 15 comments

Big news today! Beta is doing well, we’ve received a lot of good feedback and made tweaks to gameplay accordingly. Today we’ve also released an update...

Beta update!

Beta update!

News 0 comments

We've pushed out an update for the INFRA beta on Steam. With over 130 individual changes, this is a big one!

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Oskutin Creator

Now this isn't mod of itself any more :D

Reply Good karma+3 votes

But that would be cool, modding Infra, with Infra, then we mod that with Infra.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

sounds like an infraception

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Oskutin Creator

I had to:

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Oh that's wonderful!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

It would be nice to have a game similar to Penumbra where the scares are great yet few and far between (and perhaps not even corporeal). Already this game is looking spectacular, but mere puzzle solving and touring truly can get tedious after even a short while. I understand this is intended to be a very detailed exploration and puzzle game, but perhaps you could include a scare every once in a while--even if only sounds, ambiance, lights shutting off with the hint of something to fear, et cetera. It would help keep the player interested and would certainly add increased mystery, enhanced immersion, and psychological fear evocation. It is my opinion that these factors would do nothing but better the game and make it more appealing to a wider range of customers. As said before, the "scares" do not have to be particularly prominent nor frequent--just something to keep the players on their toes and to add that bracing psychological effect that so many gamers and non-gamer alike adore. I implore you to consider my points. On another note, your work is stunning--keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I don't agree with the "everything as to be scary" idea. Just have a look on Portal 2. Probably one of the best game ever made, nothing scary, and great immersion.
There is an indisputable point : great game means great immersion. Not necessary being scared.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It is apparent that you do not understand what the term "immersion" certainly does not include emotional eyeball robots and a firearm that shoots holes into objects that go into a relative dimension of the second hole... which you then jump into and float around in order to save the damsel in distress or whatever. Immersion is the feeling of being the role you play. Horror is a perfect example of this. Why would any real man be scared or thrilled due to pixels on a computer moniter? You find yourself psychologically sucked into and immersed in the world you explore. A final note... you paraphrased-quoted my post quite foolishly and unjustly. If you reread my original comment, you would realize that my suggestion is merely fear as an undertone. Oh, and by the way: PacMan was a great game... although I can't entirely say I found myself immersed. Thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i'm sorry if the quote if my previous comment looked that much foolish. English isn't my first language, and i have to deal with my limited vocabulary.

You said : "Immersion is the feeling of being the role you play." Yeah, i understand that. But i don't like horror that much, because, in my opinion, horror is the easy way to bring immersion. It's not hard to frighten a player behind a screen, especially when the soundtrack is involved.
That's why i liked Portal 2. Immersion doesn't come from scare caused by a huge sound following a deep silence, but just by the game's atmosphere.
And atmosphere looks to be a great (the best ?) part of Infra's success. That's why i think it doesn't have to be scary =).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I find my self agreeing with pilatomic, fear I believe, while effective in some cases can be over used, the point isn't to evoke fear at every corner, the point is to force the player to use their wit and observations skills to fulfill a duty, or survive as an individual, sure somethings may be scary, the unexpected collapse of a ceiling may invoke a feeling a terror, but -unless stated by the developers- isn't to directly scare the player.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Oskutin Creator

You're right.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Oskutin Creator

Hahahaha, now this is mod of itself :V

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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