Those most overlooked are often the most important. INFRA puts you into the shoes of a simple structural analyst. Nothing more than a quiet desk jockey assigned to survey some routine structural damage. Quickly though, your mission turns from a mundane trek to a fight for survival. INFRA is what we like to call a gun free exploration game. Instead of large explosions and powerful guns, you will rely on your cunning to survive puzzles in an incredibly detailed world. As you travel through the infrastructure of a city you will find that your actions and thorough observations ultimately determine if others will survive.

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Ajax needs some love. (Games : INFRA : Forum : Everything : Ajax needs some love.) Locked
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Oct 22 2012, 1:53pm Anchor

If you're going to release something, please finish it first, Microsoft.

Oct 22 2012, 2:59pm Anchor

What's wrong with Ajax and Microsoft?

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