Nextgen Space MMO Game - Procedural Galaxy with Billions of Stars - Seamless Planet Landing - Twitch Based, Skill Centered Gameplay - Own Ships, Buildings, Cities, Space Stations, and Even Planets - Sandbox Style Gameplay. You Decide How You Play, Not a Class System.

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Make a name for yourself in one of the largest, most open-ended space sims ever made. Infinity utilizes procedural techniques to generate hundreds of thousands of seamless worlds
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sloppysocialist Jan 22 2008 says:

ships look very good. backgrounds look amazing. the only thing that seems lacking in this game is the weapons fire its just red or blue lasers i was hoping for a little more diversity in it. use your imaginations. flashes for when the the gun shoots. missiles? flack? something, but please, not just red and blue lasers, that would ruin the space combat for me

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Bluedrake42 Jun 21 2008 replied:

Red blue and GREEN!

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nosfer4tu May 17 2010 replied:

Red GREEN and blue! You are doing it wrong :P

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Da-Fort May 23 2009 replied:

@sloppy socialist: Umh... this trailer is a year and a half old.
You'd think they would add more to space combat :P

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CrumbleShake Jul 30 2010 replied:

Umm, yeah, look at the date on their comments!

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Ilsamir_Lord Jan 22 2008 says:

Perhaps using a variety of weapon types would help with this. The game Homeworld used magnetic acceleration (rail) guns to fire really heavy objects, essentially amounting to bullets. I suppose the key thing is to get the science, or pseudo-science, right - realism flows on from there.

Otherwise, this is simply the best stand-alone game I've ever come across and promises to be an amazing experience! Keep it up!

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JakeTiDe Feb 1 2008 says:

I think this is video from combat prototype, where are 2 teams: red and blue, so their lasers are same colors as teams. I think there will be very WIDE range of weapons from simple lasers to nuke-like missiles in full game. I wonder, will it be possible to destroy asteroid or planet... :D

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Betelgeuze Feb 4 2008 says:

Yes this is a video of the Combat prototype, this is not what the real game will be like.

"This is a completely separate program that only shares the engine. It does not represent what you will find in Infinity. Its goal is, namely, to test: the graphics engine, the physics engine, the networking engine, experiment with controls / combat mechanics / balance, to improve stability/fix bugs and measure/stress performance.

The combat prototype is not meant to have a deep gameplay; do not expect any form of planetary landing. 10 ships are available to the players. The gameplay is arena (team vs team) based, while Infinity will be a fully open "sandbox" type of game. "

The ICP does have missiles btw ;)

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The_Guest Feb 12 2008 says:

i know the video is just to show you the combat program,
but by all that is good in standalone games, i think we have a game that might have competition against EVE Online! :O
(about time too)

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Nightshade08 Feb 22 2008 says:

its a prototype and its truly amazing. Just watching the trailer i realize now that i have wasted my life on all others games till now. OMFG!! This is a spectacle to behold.

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bfrheostat Mar 20 2008 says:

That looks very good... good work. But really, i think, this lasers isn't good. You must be a reform in all space simulations.

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sherman92 Apr 3 2008 says:

this looks so COOL!!!

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Silver_Back Apr 13 2008 says:

Whooo! Love the video! Keep up the awesome work!

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rookster1984 Aug 19 2008 says:

Keep looking at all your work so far, all just amazing, cant wait to play
all the videos or pictures i have seen is ships in space or moving around a planet, just wondering if you have got as far as getting ships to be able to fly over the scenary on a planet. if not are you far away. would be good to see videos with the ships flying in and around the planets! awsum work guys!

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rookster1984 Aug 19 2008 says:

One other question, is there anywere on your website, to see what features are actually in the game at the moment or a list of whats been done.

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piper647 Jan 4 2009 says:

nice! I hope it will be release soon...

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Correnos Jan 6 2009 says:

Is this at all related to the game Nexus: The Jupiter Incident? The ships look similar.

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1337FeRReT Jan 24 2009 says:

Holy crap, I can't wait for this to be released.

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deathparadeNL May 1 2009 says:

pls dont use red and blue than its like star wars (AAAAAAAHHH) other things are really cool

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M_M_T May 8 2009 says:

Am I the only one thinking of "Nexus: The Jupiter Incident" while watching this video?

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timstro59 May 16 2009 says:

will it be released by the end of 2010 or will it end up like duke nukem forever?

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Betelgeuze Jan 9 2010 replied:

So what answer do you expect from me? ;)

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CallmeMic May 23 2009 says:

HEY ! We just need some star destroyers now :D !

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gemno Dec 14 2010 says:

Holy spaceness! EVE isn't even half this sweet looking. I'm seriously hoping you can bring this to market.

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Make a name for yourself in one of the largest, most open-ended space sims ever made. Infinity utilizes procedural techniques to generate hundreds of thousands of seamless worlds

Dec 18th, 2006
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