Nextgen Space MMO Game - Procedural Galaxy with Billions of Stars - Seamless Planet Landing - Twitch Based, Skill Centered Gameplay - Own Ships, Buildings, Cities, Space Stations, and Even Planets - Sandbox Style Gameplay. You Decide How You Play, Not a Class System.

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Galaxy generation
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doublethink May 20 2009 says:


So cool!

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Pvt.B May 20 2009 says:


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TheBorz May 20 2009 says:


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Shoelip May 20 2009 says:

What exactly is this? It's not something we'll ever see in game is it?

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze May 20 2009 replied:

Its our galaxy, also know as the milkyway. Every dot you see is a star, and there are more than 100 billion of them. Unless you fly very very far out you probably won't be able to see it like this.

You might see it like this in the 3D map we are planning for Infinity.

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Shoelip May 21 2009 replied:

Thanks for responding, but I was actually meant to ask what it was in an in-game context. That is, isn't a solar system randomly generated when a player enters it? So what exactly is "Galaxy Generation?"

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Alphathon May 21 2009 replied:

In order to enter a solar system, you have to go there first, so the game needs to know the locations of the stars to know when you have entered the system

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze May 21 2009 replied:

Yeah something like that, and there's a big difference between randomly generated and procedurally generated.
From the FAQ:

Procedural generation is not at all the same than random generation. In fact, it's pretty much the opposite: it's all about recreating the same data providing the same inputs. "Seeds" numbers are given to objects, so as long as an object has the same seed than before, it will be recreated exactly like before, with the exact same details, down to the millimeter level.
Synchronization between multiple players is ensured by making the server transfer the same object's seed to all players who are able to see or interact with this object. So all players will see the same procedurally generated object, like a planet, with the same details.

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Shoelip May 22 2009 replied:

Really? I always thought random and procedural were basically the same on a computer since there really is no such thing as random in computers. This is kind of a pain in the *** though. Random is so much quicker to type. It's shorter and more phonetic.

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Niemandweiter Jan 10 2012 replied:

You will might see it as a 3D map of the universre of a game called "Infinity"
because of procedural generation, you can fly to every single star, and there are 300 Billion in this game, without any loadscreens, and land on every planet and asteroid of the infinite asteroide belts all around there, it is the biggest thing ever made in space-game-history ;D

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Mavis130 May 20 2009 says:

damnit, now I need new pants...

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Miko_PL Jan 9 2010 replied:

Holy butt!
I mean I need new pants too...

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Brightgalrs May 20 2009 says:

The Quest for Earth might take a while...

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Methis May 22 2009 replied:

Hahaha. Yes. Yes it might. :D

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze May 22 2009 replied:

and you have people who claim it will be easy to find Earth because they found a map of our galaxy on google LOL!

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james340 May 20 2009 says:

that is incredible

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andrenilsen May 23 2009 says:

I am just breathless now..

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Audiopulse Oct 7 2009 says:

Oh, I can see my house!

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timstro59 Oct 10 2009 says:

my jaw dropped.

so awesome, cant think straight.

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Ekonk Oct 11 2009 says:

Jesus Christ.

How many of those stars will have planets orbiting them?

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A.Smith Oct 11 2009 replied:

It's unknown for now, but a good fraction of them.

Hey, even if it's only a small fraction, a small fraction of 200 billion is still quite a few :)

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Niemandweiter Jan 10 2012 replied:

All 300 Billion.

and asteroids. all flying and landing on planets without any loadscreens, you fly straight throught the atmosphere.

that is INfinity, the quest for earth, a game, still in development :)

it blow´s the mind of everyone who trys to think about it, just amazing.

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AceGec3D Jan 4 2010 says:

Holly jesus dipped in whip cream!

This is like spore on steroids! No, not steroids;
Nano enhanced exoskeleton reinforced antimatter powered epic win Jesus version of spore!

Now what kind of computer do you need to run this? What about the safety of the fellow server owner?

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Niemandweiter Jan 10 2012 replied:

we will know it in future^^
all still in development sice 2005 or so on...

see you out there ;D (or probably not)

spore is ****, it is nothing if you compare it with Infinity, the gibbest space-game-ever made, if it´s done in 2014 or 2016^^
maybe 2020... who knows?

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TerranAmbassador Feb 9 2012 replied:

The galaxy is procedurally generated. The engine only generates what the client sees. Until the player actually encounters and sees an object, like a planet, star, or asteroid, it simply doesn't exist. It's generated when the player gets close enough to see and interact with it, and when the player leaves, it stops existing.

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The Infinity gameworld will include the whole galaxy consisting of billions of stars and planets, all procedurally generated.

This is not concept art, but a real virtual galaxy

May 20th, 2009
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