Help jack get his pillow back form the evil mare. In Between is a puzzle platformer game. The main mechanic in this game is teleporting between the 2 rooms existing in each level. You have to solve puzzles and do some platforming to reach the goal(the pillow) in each level with jumping and teleporting. - 5 Sections including 73 levels to play - 8 Bonus levels - 5 levels in the HELL OF THE DREAMS In Between have won first place in 2 game jams.

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I like this game, very challenging.

Easily one of the most entertaining puzzle platform games on Desura. Over 60 levels (not including the bonus levels) of brain teasing obstacles that are sure to challenge even hardcore puzzle gamers. The story is not nearly as strong as the puzzles, which might be the only strike against the game. Check out this game if you like clever puzzling!

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