ILLUSION - Ghost Killer : The goal is to position six cameras in a shed, where people report hearing scary things, and hear a strange laugh!

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3 ESCx2

May 11th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Well, unfortunately this game is not so good.


+ Red dots spawns each time on different locations
+ Multilangual
+ easy to play/win/beat this game
+ It is free!


- No story at all(It starts with somekind of story but at the end there is just "Win" ) and doesn't make any sense. Why should I plant any more cameras, when Jeff appears? I have the proof that there is something...
- Jeff's model is ridiculous
- Just a jumpscares, again and again, thats it
- Very easy to beat, Jeff doesn't appear when you havn't plant any
camera, so just learn the route and go for it.
- just one small map

and so on.

Hope for Updates :)

QXD-me says
3 QXD-me

Nov 12th, 2013

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Kulit says
3 Kulit

Nov 10th, 2013

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FredyJackson says
3 FredyJackson

Sep 27th, 2013

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cryptid85 says
3 cryptid85

Feb 24th, 2013

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